Entry 241: The News

I watch you consume my art

All of you


It does not matter the side you sit on

Where your beliefs are

We are connected

The more you consume

The more you hate

The more you hate

The more you kill!

Sure, maybe all of you won’t


You’ll sit there & fight

Call one another names!

It’s all so perfect

Because you are blind to my games!

I’ll make money

I’ll profit from your pain!

You’ll sit there, playing puppet to everything!

You can’t fight what you can’t see

Those who see the truth

No one will ever believe

That’s the beauty of my game

I’ll always win

No matter how it ends

You feel you need me

Years of conditioning make it so

I mean,

You can’t be left in the dark

Can you?

If you don’t follow or listen to what I say

You’ll be out of touch

On everything…

Such a beautiful web I spin

With ever single story I give

Tonight we have the most heartbreaking story

A life taken without sense

Oh, look, they played video games

Must be the fault of the creators

All who play such things are evil

Oh, you changed the channel?

That’s okay,

You’ll eventually go to a channel

More in line with your beliefs

You’ll consume your beliefs there

Like a carnivore out for blood

Instead though

You eat tasty delicious stories!

You can watch me on TV

See me on your social media feed

I exist in all realities

There is no escape from me

While you consume me

I control you

Oh look, it’s 10

Looks like it’s time for some more

Of your favorite feed

Controlling your mind

The second the red light says live

Hello Black Winter…

…This is…

-The News-

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