Entry 240: The Photographer: Photos #2 & 3- Ed & Jane

A photograph tells a story

It speaks to you

The best ones

Come alive for you

I have a gallery

Polaroid filled halls

Every photo

A different story is told

If you look closer though

The photos can take you places

I quite often use them to keep people’s souls

That old myth has a truth to it

A photo can be many things

It can be a keeper of souls

A window to another world

A story being told

It all depends on the photographer

Their intent

I use mine quite often,

To put away those who deserve it

The first one I took

You might have seen

It was of a man

Claiming a demon was within him

In the end

I lured him away

Took the photo

Trapped him within

Put the photo on a corkboard

Shutting it in a dark room permanently


If I pass by at the right time of night

I can still hear him screaming

As the kids, his victims

Murder him over & over again

It’s not always the bad I put away though

My 2nd photo is a bit different

An old man, in love with his wife

Didn’t want to die

I told him I could take a photograph

It would show the best of him

I’d send it to his wife

To keep & to hold

Then, when she was close to passing

I’d take one of her too

The man died of brain cancer

It was aggressive…

He died quickly

His wife had known him many years

She’d been in love for even longer

They’d been married for 75 years in total

She passed shortly after his death

She claimed she wanted to see her Edward again

It was so sweet

It touched my heart really…

So, she passed in her sleep

I could sense it was coming

I took a photograph of her the night before

It came out nicely

Then I put his & her photographs together

In their own room

Now, they spend an eternity

Reliving their best years

Making new memories too

It’s a truly beautiful thing, really…

So often I take photos of macabre things

Murders, suicides, deranged killers

So this was a nice change of pace

Simply knowing

Edward & Jane would be happy eternally…

Safe from this place…

…Black Winter will never reach them…

-The Photographer: Photos #2 & 3- Ed & Jane-


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