Entry 227: I Hear Them Sing At Night

I hear them sing at night

They sing of their ends

Mikey sings of drowning

Sue of burning

I hear them sing at night

I hear the things they say

Mary Joe speaks of the knocks at her window

She says they were a warning

Of things to come

If she’d listened to the warnings

Instead of ignoring them as though they were nothing

Perhaps she’d not be here singing

About the way she met her end

Kidnapped, tortured, thrown into the meat grinder

Soon after, served to hungry customers…

Jim really couldn’t catch a break

Till the one lucky day

He thought he’d met the woman of his dreams

Turns out she was a Black Widow

Simply out for his money

The poison was something special

His wife, apparently made it to kill him slowly & painfully

Of course, he never knew this

Till it was too late

Apparently she told him of her intentions

All the while, he was vomiting blood

Scared for his life

She knew he wouldn’t survive the night…

Little Tim sings of something much more terrifying

He says the monster in his closet spoke to him

It told him the things it was going to do

How his parents would never believe he was real

Poor Timmy went missing one night

No one heard his screams except the monster who took him

Harmony met her end in quite an ironic way

A peace loving hippy during her days

She sings the song of how she smoked a pipe one night

Then in a delirious state

Walked off a bridge

She was so high, that when she died

She didn’t even realize at first

Her lungs were filling with liquid

Bobby speaks of the bad one

A thing that stalked him all his life

He was always the paranoid sort

Saying he would die someday,

In the end he was found dead

With no real cause or anything

Perhaps he wasn’t as paranoid as they thought

He won’t say exactly who The Bad One was…

Yes, I hear them sing at night

Always of their deaths

I listen to their songs

I care for them…

Watching over their graves

Hearing of their pain

Trapped in this place…

-I Hear Them Sing At Night-

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