Entry 225: Welcome To Hell

Here I sit

Pondering existence

What went wrong?

How’d I wind up in this dark place?

Why can’t I move?

Why do I feel so cold?

I’m not breathing

Nothing quite makes sense

How am I concious if?

Why is it so dark?

I hear the faint murmurs of another person

I can’t quite make out what is being said

Wait a minute…

Did I just hear the words time of death?

I feel my body slide

There appears to be a bright light

I can’t move

I feel a sharp pain

I think I’m being CUT INTO?!

The pain grows

The voice drowns out

I’m so confused!


I feel every cut

The pain is all too real

Eventually though

It ends

I lose track of time

When I awake

How long has it been?

I’m unsure

I think I’m dead

Yes, I’m sure!

How’d this happen?

If I’m dead, why am I still aware?

Why is it, I’m trapped here?

A far off voice suddenly rings through

The words that come through, go like this…

“You cheating bastard! I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL!”

The sound of gunfire is soon followed by a chant

Then the words

“I curse you to rot within that body of yours! You’ll feel everything till its gone…”

A momentary pause



You’ll rot in Hell!

I’m suddenly aware of my surroundings

I hear the sound of a door shut

Then a sound I don’t quite understand, erupts

Suddenly, I’m overtaken, by a searing pain!

I smell smoke…

Then, I remember…

I asked upon my death…

…To be cremated…

I’m overcome with unbearable pain!

I feel the my body burning!

Seconds turn to an eternity as I internally scream!

I am dead though…

It will do nothing

No one can hear my screams!




I’m not sure how long has passed…

The world feels cold

I hear a dark laughter

Followed by a voice that sends chills through my soul

The voice says…

-Welcome To Hell-

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