Entry 221: The Songstress

Can you hear it now?

Can you hear that sound?

She sings a beautiful melody

Is everything a heart could desire

Pointing you on your way

Should you find her

You may well find escape

From this Godforsaken town…

They say she sings a beautiful tune

The story behind it tragic

She tells the tale of her death

As well as all her sadness

She appears only to those who need it most

Hoping to help them find their way

She knows if you see her, you are in a place where escape is nil

Yet there she stands, singing

Trying to help you find your way

If you should find The Songstress

You should listen to what she has to say

She is one of the few hopes for survival in a place like this

Perhaps with her help, you can find escape?

Of all those who have supposedly met her

Only one has ever not been seen again…

No one knows what became of Tommy

Just that he’d visited her

If you listen closely you can find him in her song

One of the few who aren’t sung about in tragedy

She speaks of his will to survive


Though many have tried to ask her what happened to him

The Songstress will tell you

Even she knows not

What fate was dealt to him

Only that he disappeared

Shortly after their meeting

So is there a chance that Tommy found an escape?

Or is it more likely that he is one of the missing

Who’s body simply hasn’t been found?

Black Winter is full of death & suffering

So no one will really know for now


If you listen to The Songstress tune

Perhaps escape will be provided for you…

-The Songstress-

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