Entry 220: Amy

Last week I aced my test

I didn’t even have to study for it!

The day after that

I broke up with my now ex

He’d been cheating on me

I knew the where, the when, the why, the how


The who

He promised me he’d never do it again

I assured him, he most certainly wouldn’t

The day after that

He asked if I’d seen Darcy?

I told him, I hadn’t

Everyone lies from time to time…


Today the Missing Posters are all over town

Every time I see them, I get hungry

Then I remember, Darcy makes for a great snack

Darcy makes for a nutritious breakfast

A hardy lunch


An absolutely delicious dinner!


I’m going to eat wonderfully for weeks!

My best friend exposed my boyfriend

My best friends helped me on the test

My best friend tells me how to dispose of the bodies


How to prep the ones I save for other things

For my art project we made a painting of her

They called her Red

Partly because of the color of her dress

The way she’d stare at them

The things she made them feel

How she’d sometimes affect them…

The other day one of our classmates went mad

She swore the woman in the portrait spoke to her

It was time she showed her devotion

It was the only way she could make the voice stop…


She jumped out the window


That was the end of that.

What a silly notion the girl had

I mean, I talk to Amy all the time

We’ve been best friends since I was a kid

There’s no way Amy was her friend

I suspect she wanted to have a little fun

Do something on her own

It’s cute in a way…

For a moment I thought I saw in the girls blood

The words:

To my Best Friend: 

With Love,


It was only for a brief moment of course

Sometimes Amy lets me see things

Maybe you wouldn’t be able to see it

I could though

I mean after all…

Thanks to Amy

I won our Home Economics class’s pie competition

All the students really enjoyed Darcy Pie

They just didn’t realize

They were eating her as well!


Last night, Amy told me to seduce Mr. Hunt

We killed his wife

Disposed of her body

Went over to his house

Told him we needed help

Somehow we just couldn’t figure his mathematics out

Tomorrow they’d surely find his wife’s body

Tomorrow they’d find his prints

Tomorrow he’d confess to all of it…

Tonight we brought him into our trap

He was mesmerized by us

Worshiping our body

Making sweet love

He did everything that was asked by us

I can feel his seed inside us

Of course now he’s with the cops

He killed his wife

He raped us


That’s what the headlines will say

I’m the victim

Everyone feels sorry me

Am I keeping my child

Of course I am…

She told me her name…

I’m going to name her…


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