Entry 219: I’d Do Anything For My Love


I feel her touch

It wreaks havoc upon my soul

I feel her gaze

I’m losing CONTROL!

For whatever she wants

She ALWAYS gets…

Such is the way of The Siren

It started so simply

She met me at school

I was quite the fool

You see, I fell in love

It only took a simple kiss

I was lost in her bliss!

It started quite easy

She said all the right things

Looking into my eyes

She knew she had me…

I saw what I wanted to see

Her beautiful blue eyes

Piercing through my soul

The scent of an angel

Ever alluring

So, the first night

She came to me

I did not protest

I felt my blood

My very being

Begging for her!

She never said a word

Though, I hear her song within my mind

I would do, whatever she asked of me

I knew it wasn’t right…

My girl friend wouldn’t approve

That wasn’t a problem for long though

As she asked me to end it

Split up I felt her beautiful voice say

I couldn’t stop any of it…

I was hypnotized to such a point

I split up alright…

Walking to my lady’s home…

Taking an axe to her face

That was the end…of my relationship…

The visions were intense!

I’d never felt more alive

As she painted my ex’s blood onto her lips

Giving me a kiss, I’d never forget…

I was taken to Heaven

That night…

It was a high like no other

Though in truth, I was no doubt, going to suffer

I couldn’t stop myself

As she made love to me…

There was a strange melodic noise

A choir of angels

She never spoke a word


I was hers

So wholly consumed

For such an angel…

I’d do anything!

Next it was my parents

They had to go, she said…

A fitting sacrifice

A proof of my devotion…

Taking the chainsaw to my Mother & Father

It was all…

Hardly a bother…

I felt a smile grow

As the blood of my family

Splattered upon my face.

Such was how things would end…

The police called over due to the screaming.

Asking me what I’d done

Asking me why…

Their voices soon drown out

I heard her inside

She kissed me upon the cheek

Told me it was time

I’d join her, eternally…

So it was,

I revved the chainsaw up

Then laughing…



-I’d Do Anything For My Love-

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