Entry 217: My Latest Masterpiece

The blood

I like it fresh

The taste

Of such sweet flesh

It tastes exquisite

It tastes so perfect

It is me

Sometimes I eat all the flesh

Drink of the blood

Other times I sew the flesh

Making furniture for my home

These things…

Make me feel complete…


I awake to a new day

Go downstairs,

Opening the basement,

Going deeper still,

Then marvel at the thrill

I get every time I create

Ever fresh body

A new piece of art became!

The excess I still use

If not making art

I instead consume.

For in the drinking of the blood

In the tasting of the flesh

I’m a little closer

To my newest masterpiece!

So go ahead

Scream away

Just remember, I’m going to bring you fame

…In a way…

You should be happy

You have a purpose now

You provide for me

Thank you,

So don’t cry

Put a smile on your face

Sing the symphony of pain

Smile as I cut into you today

You were nothing before me

You were a waste of reality


Yes, I’ve filled up the gas for a special piece today

It’s going to be a painting

I’ll paint it red with quite the splash

Splattering you everywhere…

I’ll simply call it…


*Chainsaw revs up*

Smile for me my new piece

Soon you’ll be

-My Latest Masterpiece-

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