Entry 211: A Happy Family

Here I sit, on your shelf

A part of your collection

You think, just like the others

My porcelain face,

Empty black eyes,

I good sir, have something to hide

You see, all those nights

I’ve been misplaced

Mysteriously turning up

At the end of your bed

Making you believe,

You’d left me there somehow

Twisting your thoughts, slowly…

I was whispering the thoughts into your head

I was giving you the happiness,

You so begged.

I’ve seen your dreams

I’ve heard your prayers

You thought God brought you Mary,

When in fact it was I

Placing her perfectly, into our lives

Soon you’d forget about Beth’s


You and Mary fell in love

Just as I needed you to

I’ve waited so many years

As you both made your vows

Married and…attempted to procreate

I made sure this one was fertile

Her flower bed would give life

Unlike Beth, who’s life stopped at the end of her knife

Sterile she was, a few whisper here and there

Then suddenly…

She killed herself…

I’m sorry it took so long for you to get past her grief

She’s rotting in Hell now though…

Right where she should be.

Gratefully for Mary, things worked out

Soon we’ll have a new born in the house

Time passes and I wait

You’ve set me over the crib

All to watch over baby

It’s here I stare,

Slowly taking her soul

Night after night

Year after year

By the time she’s 4

I’ve got the child’s soul

Her body a husk

I proceed to make us all,

One big family

I possess the child’s body,

Like a breathing marionette

Sending her to the kitchen

To fetch the tool we need for surgery

As you sleep, she walks in

Pitter pattering little steps

Sounding so innocent

Climbing up into the bed

The next moment…


You both awake in a shock

The knife plunging into you

Again and again!

You can’t move,

I whispered for your wife

To poison the food you ate tonight

Paralyzed you both may be

You however,

Can definitely feel,

Every single thing!

I know it’s painful now.

Unable to scream outwardly

Your pain held within


This is a part of the process…

You now understand the way it feels

Trapped within my body

Whispering things as I go from family to family

Slowly waiting…

Taking the souls of my victims,

These things take time


That’s fine,

I have an eternity to do so

I collect souls

Eventually, you’ll be in a doll too

The police will find your bodies soon…

They’ll never suspect

The true murderer here

They’ll sit in disgust

Seeing your bodies hung from the ceiling

Using parts of your organs and veins

To hang your arms in the air

Looking every part the puppets,

You’ll soon be for me!

It won’t be long,

I’ll get you all bodies too

I’ll collect more souls

It’s what I do

Then you’ll see,

It’ll be perfectly okay!

We’ll be…

-A Happy Family-


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