Entry 210: A Delicious Cake

I relish how you move

I love the way you sleep

It’s quite cute, the way you eat

How you look on your way to work

The smile you give when taking that selfie

I take pleasure, in all these things

Tonight, you’ll become a work of art

You sir, my latest masterpiece

You’ll make the perfect canvas

For which to choose to create…

I prep my tools

The knives are nice & sharp…

I’ve been waiting for so long

To finally show you…

Just what I’ve been doing

All this time…

You had no clue

As I approach your door

There I am knocking

I hear you come to

Things are about to escalate,

My dearest friend…

You answer the door,

Shock overtaking your face

It is then you are surprised

I, your best friend have arrived

Surprising you on your birthday

You look down to notice,

Something that has your face…


I’ve baked you…

-A Delicious Cake-

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