Entry 208: I Like To Play With My Food First

I love it when they swoon

Claim to give me everything I want

I like to ignore them sometimes

Drive them a little crazy at first…

Really make them want me

Till the time is right

You see they’re all deserving

Of their suffering!

Scott I toyed with at first

Asking to prove his love true

Driving him away from his wife

Spending his nights with me instead

He begged for my body in the end!

It was truly beautiful

The moment he lost his mind

Wishing to make love to me!


I slowly relished…

Toying with his mind!

You see, I told him he needed to do one thing first

He needed to kill his wife

…In front of me…

So he brought me home

Tied her up real nice

Waiting for my order

I told him to carve her up slowly

…Use a knife…

She begged,


She asked why?!

Living in the middle of nowhere

I thought it was quite nice!

No one heard his wife’s screams

No one saw the beautiful art he made for me

As he cut away at her body

Licking her as he did

We tasted her blood together

We did this…



The blood ran slow…



…How perfectly wonderful…


She begged for mercy

I whispered for him to continue more slowly this time

He of course…


Eventually, we cut out the baby,

Put it in the oven and let it cook

At nights end…

We ate baby, first!

His wife’s body we saved most of,

Taking her head and re-purposing it for later…

What was left of her body,

Hanging…within my home…

A trophy to me

Just before I had sex with him!

I killed him obviously

Ate of his flesh

Soon feeding upon his soul


Rick, had no other

Instead he simply swore himself to me at first sight

Conveying his feelings of hate for everyone else

I told him prove himself…

Shoot up his work place

The next day, he did it!

I pleasured myself!

As I watch the body count rising!

Another dead group of idiots

He turned to me, wanting sex

We fucked upon the bodies of the dead

I took his soul as well

The Black Winter PD coming in time to kill him


None of them could see me of course

A monster, lurking, invisibly…

Feeding on my victims souls

…Before I eat…

-I Like To Play With My Food First-

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