Entry 207: A New Meal


I love it when it’s dinner

I need to see them eat

Plumping themselves up

For their inevitable Deaths

They know not that I watch them

Slowly licking my lips…

Biding the time for my reveal

The time when I destroy them from within!

Mother dearest was so sweet

Till I started preying on her mind

Unbeknowest to her husband

She’s got another man on the side

The husband, I sometimes come to at night

He thinks me a dream

So he thinks nothing of the fact we fuck!

Never knowing I’m already planting the seeds,

Prepping him for the the ultimate…

…Sacrifice to me…

Their daughter, a girl just turned 18

I’ve gotten her hooked on drugs

All because she wanted to impress this guy,

She claims is dreamy!

I laugh here, as I slowly manipulate them…

They were a happy family but…

…Soon the truth will come out…

In fact it’ll be tonight…

When it does,

I’m going to relish it!

First Dad will realize the whore his wife is

Daughter, will take her last dose

The wife will be beaten bloody

Her man, ultimately ending her life

Carrying out the sentence

…At the end of a noose…

From the 5th floor she’ll fly

I’ll make sure her neck doesn’t snap

A drug induced trip

Leading to the daughter seeing her mother

Still gasping for air

Choking to death

No hope will be there

She will freak out

Trying to run, screaming…

Out of the house

Father will give chase

His intentions quite dark

However, he won’t know…

Daughter is now packing!

A lovely gift from her new found love

She’ll blow Dad’s head off

Losing it herself…

Eventually turning the gun on herself

Her body will twitch continuously…

Life will not let her end,

Death will shun her away,

She will be resigned to an Asylum

Where the orderly will have her

…His way…

Then, when all is done

The property sold

A new family will move in

A new group of minds for which to feed

A new bunch of smiling souls…

-A New Meal-

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