Entry 205: No More Suffering

Tap Tap…Tap Tap…

I hear it again

Night after night

It’s the same thing

I awake, to that sound

Something I’ve learned to regret

For many years now

It comes every night

Never giving me quiet

I go and check the door

No one is there

Same as before

Tap tap…tap tap…

There it goes again

A reminder of the darkest of my sins

For Tap tap…tap tap…

That was the sound

That came to my door

The first night

After she’d drowned

I told my Mother

Not to go out to the lake

I wasn’t paying enough attention

When she walked to her fate


I scream night after night

She was out of her mind

Needed to be cared for

Yet, I only cared about

My privacy

Seeing her as a burden

Till, it was too late

She won’t stop knocking

Reminding me

Of her ill fate

How do I know it’s her you ask?

After the tapping at my door

I hear her drowning

Same as that night

A not so friendly reminder

Of my mother’s fate

Tonight though that sound will be replace



-No More Suffering-

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