Entry 202: Echo: He Smiles At Me

I’ve awoken

I don’t remember much

Blood everywhere

My pain



What is the whispering?

I don’t understand

How am I…

Wherever I am?

The Quiet

A phrase rings through my mind

Suddenly I feel terrified

I remember nothing else

Except repeatedly cutting myself…

Is that how it went?

I’m not even sure I know anything

I sense The Quiet

It’s unsettling to say the least

Internally I can hear myself say

You are trapped here…


Is this true?

Hearing a noise I walk out the room


I turn to see myself being beaten

By a bat

Turning to look at me

It is myself again

A twisted version

Grinning with delight

Suddenly he sprints at me

Laughing maniacally!

I run but everywhere

I am there

Different me’s

All smiling at me

One stabs himself in the eye

With a pick


Again and again…

Another shoots himself in the head

No matter how fast I run

He reappears

Doing it again…

I reach another room

Slamming the door shut

I can hear me with a bat


Turning around

In the dimly lit room

I see me smiling


This smile has a madness

In it’s eyes

It steps off the chair

I hear the gurgles of death

Still, even upon eventual end…

He smiles at me

-Echo: He Smiles At Me-

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