Entry 193: Mama’s Peach Tea

Mama makes the best peach tea

Just ask anyone in Black Winter

You’ll see…

They’ll tell you it is the best you can find

I’d agree, it is simply divine

It has a perfect flavor

Goes great with any meal

Many people ask…

What does Mama put in that tea

That makes it such a delicious treat?!

I tell em’ it is a family secret

One for which no one will ever know

I tell them,

It is made with love

Tons of it!

I mean, you’d have to love a peach just right

To allow it to grow to the right size

Mama says aging them to about 7-9 years

Makes for the best kind of tea

She claims at that age

They’ve had the perfect amount of life

Just the right amount of love

You can make the best brew

Also, that is the point where you get the right tint

For the signature red hue and that perfect color

Our tea is known for

It isn’t about just the taste she says

In fact, if you really want the perfect brew

You’ll find a peach that’s anywhere between 7-9

But also…

Is plump…more peach juice for that tea she says

Sheriff came around one time

He told Mama that her tea was something else

He’d had no words for how delicious it could be

He was baffled by the consistency

Said, I don’t know how you do it Mama?


You sure make a damn great peach tea!

Mama and I laughed when that happened…

We simply smiled and told him

Love, that is the secret ingredient in our tea

On the sheriff went, happy as can be


*Smiling Wink*

If you ever want the best tea

Do yourself a favor…


-Mama’s Peach Tea-

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