Entry 191: Well To Do

Dear Mr. Well To Do

I have a confession for you

I served you faithfully

Never saying anything

Preparing your meals

Cleaning up any mess

Not a word, did I ever say to

The Sheriff

I feel in the time I’ve spent with you

I’ve fallen in love with you

How could I not

A man of such class

Someone who has an interesting taste

Women swoon over you every single day

Yet, they know not the things I know

They see not the things I see

No other woman will ever understand you…

Quite like me

I know you’ve brought in a pretty young thing

Red hair, quite innocent is she

Do you believe she has the stomach

To take care of the things she needs to

Can she keep her peace the way I do for you?

I’ve trained her, each day

She seems well enough to me


I’m not sure she is a keeper of secrets…

At least, not eternally

I’m up for a promotion, I hope

I’ve given you my devotion

I see the way you’ve looked at me

We were made for one another…

Don’t you think?


Dear sweet Elizabeth

You’ve done so much for me

I wish to reward you properly

Indeed a promotion is on its way

You deserve such, I think

I’ll admit you’ve caught my eye

Surely you’d make an amazing

Well To Do

Perhaps we can discuss that tonight?

I’ve already had everything arranged

Just you and me

A dinner for two

I look forward to seeing you



I’ve arrived sweet sir

I hope I am perfect enough for you

I’ll admit this candlelit dinner makes me blush

I don’t come from a place of such class and sophistication

When you found me on the street

I knew I’d be yours eternally


Indeed you are sweet

I picked you because I needed someone of your upbringing

I saw it in your eye the first day we met

You told me your name


How could someone so sweet

Be left to rot on the street?

You looked quite the part

I learned quickly

You my sweet, 

Were quite the smart soul indeed

Eat up, we have much to discuss…


My heart swoons

Its beat so rapidly

It feels as though it will jump out of my chest

I dressed with just enough class

Showing, just enough of what I have to offer…


Still, leaving enough to the imagination

I wouldn’t want to reveal everything

That smile is ever alluring indeed

I feel faint

Just in his gaze

What’s happening?



Oh dear, I forgot to tell you

I found the truth

I realize you were placed for me to find

I know all about your correspondence 

With our lovely police chief

He is in my deep freeze

Thought you were so bright

No, not tonight

I’m happy to say, you’ll make a fine dessert

Blood wine…

Just my wife and I’s

Favorite kind…

The right type too

It has been fun

Toying with you…

We’ll cut you up,

Make some of your meat

Save the rest for another time

Shame you didn’t realize the new girl…

She’s my wife

Not as smart as you once thought you were

You’ll make for a fine feast!

*New girl steps into the room*

I must say honey,

You are quite the actress…

Was vacation fun?


Of course dear husband…

It was a great time


I’ve missed you

I’ll prep the girl, we will eat soon

Drink too,

Thank you so much my love

You’ve set up such a fine meal this night

I’m honored

To be your wife

-Well To Do-