Entry 189: Things Heard In The Static #5: Swan Song

Got no place to be?

Perhaps you’re depressed?

Maybe, no one loves you?

Or you’ve lost everyone you’ve loved?

Well, perhaps joining our family will help you get on your way

Maybe, it will be just the distraction you need

If escape sounds good to you

Come find Grimley’s Dance Troupe

We are in The Black Hall

You need only sign a waiver

No experience required

You’ll have plenty of time to learn

The cost you ask?

Your eternity

No secrets

No fine print

Just honest to God dedication from you

So if you feel misplaced or all alone

Just pick up the phone

Dial 784-2433

You’ll be notified of the password

Then, simply follow the simple instructions given to you

We assure you

You’ll be dancing in no time

Grimley’s Dance Troupe

Dance so good

You’ll never want to leave!

-Things Heard In The Static #5: Swan Song-