Entry 184: The Very Dark Pit

I’ve done a very bad thing

Digging a hole for all of them

The hole is a very dark place

It reflects my soul

You see, I kill them

I kill the voices that speak

I kill them by killing you

In the end you are just a body

For a bag

Instead though I put you very far away

A place where I hope you’ll stay

May you never speak to me after death

May you forever stay deep down

In the pit

It’s a very dark pit

A place to keep the dead quiet

A quiet place

For your eternal sleep!

I shouldn’t hear your whispers in my ears

No not anymore

Just to be sure

I fill the hole, hide it well until it’s complete

Then I set all of it on fire

Burn all your bodies!

Sometimes, if you are near the top

I’ll save myself some time

Burn you alive

Dump you in the pit

Laugh as I watch all of you burning!

You say how do you survive the stench?

My sense of smell died years ago

I burned it away

Just to see how it felt!

Call me mad!

Say I need help!

No matter,

You give me all the help I need dear victim

Silencing your voice


So next time you happen to think you are safe

Just remember

There is a very dark pit

It is kind of like my soul

I love to fill the pit

With the bodies of my victims!

Forever silent…

A problem for no one

I hope to put you there


-The Very Dark Pit-

7 thoughts on “Entry 184: The Very Dark Pit

  1. Wow this is freaking deep man – I have mentioned falling into pits in my poems – throwing people in there I haven’t -yeah i get the anger- people can be total a holes sometimes. I hope that writing that helps get your anger out. And if this is all fiction. Or about someone else it is still a great poem

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