Entry 182: The Book

There is a place deep inside your mind

A place you can go

For a very specific kind of find

An old room

No one is quite sure in what place

Just a desk, a chair

A single book sit in here

If you ever find yourself here

Try to wake yourself up

Don’t listen to anything the voices say

This is one case where reading

Will lead to your death…

You will want to read

It will be as though you must see

What lies within this book


Simply don’t

If you do

Not another soul will ever

See or hear from you

The book will consume you

Steal your soul

There will be no hope for you

Only eternal torture

A kind that changes

Shifts with your mind

This book will take your imagination

Steal your fears

Creating a story only it could ever write

One ever shifting and ever changing

One that will constantly toy with your soul

Trapped inside the madness

You will cry

Asking yourself why?

Why didn’t you heed the warning


In this case…

Why did you read this warning?

I mean, you got here

Saw what you wished to see

On my cover

What was it this time?


By: Your dearly departed mother

The fact you’re reading this


It’s too late

You’ve read from me

…You’ve sealed your own fate…

-The Book-

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