Entry 181: Letters Of My Crimes

Dear Mary,

I ask you a question

Did you ever…

Make it to heaven?

I remember the way

You’d scorn me each day

Telling me about God

How he didn’t like me

You always said,

He’d make sure I’d die

Send me to Hell

You never gave a real reason why

I’m quite sure you were just jealous

Of my looks

The way the guys would swoon over me

While you read…

The good book…

Your boyfriend, barely paying attention to you

Constantly undressing me

In his own mind

Every chance he could

I don’t blame you for hating me really

You’d always say

I wish you were dead

You said I’d burn

Flesh melted from my face

I’d go straight to Hell

For my sinner ways


I did what anyone would do

I took the kerosene

Poured it over you as you slept

Lit you up

Watched you scream

It was a delight

Ironic really

I just watched you flail and cry

Clearly shocked

Wondering how and why?

I looked you in the face

Laughing, I asked

Now who’s burning?


Dear Jackson,

Did it feel good

I’ll admit, you were a pleasure

The 2nd time the most

Captain of the football team

Taking all you want

Thought you could have anyone

That’s what you said

Did it feel good

To get the entire football team involved

Passing me around

Like…what was it you called me…

Stupid bitch?!

Telling me to taste your dick?


I can be forceful too

I made a tape, just for you

Your innocent girlfriend

The one you ignored…

Her burning flesh

I’m quite happy with what I did

I have no doubt…

You’ll go to Hell for what you did…

Did she ever see

That side of you?

Did she know

You were a rapist, a cheat?

You weren’t as religious as you claimed to be?

I came to your door

Claimed I wanted you again

Just you…this time

We made out,


I tied you down

Made you watch your girlfriends death

Grabbed the chainsaw from my bag

Started with your dick

Cutting away

Quite slowly

It was a sight

Quite unholy

Your screams

My ecstasy

Your blood

Washing over me

It was perfect

I was baptized…

The blood of evil

Bathed me

It was a true pleasure

A lovely time

I leave behind only…

-Letters Of My Crimes-


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