Entry 170: The Tattooed Lady

Have you seen it

That old school?

There dwells within

A woman

Short brown hair

No one ever sees her eyes

She always keeps them hidden


Never telling why

If you see her

You will surely die

She’s always waiting for somebody

No one is sure why

She steals trespassers souls

Eats their minds

Leaving only their screams and evicirated bodies behind

Why she is like this?

How she came to be?

No one is quite sure

Everyone knows one thing though

If you go into that school

Day or night

Be forewarned…if you hear her cries

Do not go to help

Ignore what she might make you see

The tattooed lady, hands over her face

Has eyes that are on the back of each hand

She sees everything

Knowing your every want

Sensing your every desire

Understanding your entire life history

She will use these things to lure you in

Just before she kills you


Why do people go into the school at all?

She lures them in…sometimes with crying

Other times with the sight of their dead loved ones

She can mimic the living too

Whatever you do…

No matter what you see…

Never go into that school

Or you will die at the hands


-The Tattooed Lady-

Entry 169: Everything Is Going To Be Fine

Day 1

When it all began

I woke up and she was staring at me

Day 2

I held her hand

She said she couldn’t sleep because

She was always watching

Day 3

She slept with me

Day 4

I saw her talking to someone

I told myself it was her imaginary friend

She called her Samantha

Day 5

Something isn’t right

She sleeps with me but I hear her

Whispering every single night

Incoherent, what she says

Though sometimes when I listen close

I’m quite sure I hear another voice

Whispering back

Day 6

I awoke this morning

My daughter was gone

I scrambled up and looked around

I found her in the playroom

Happy as can be

She turned and smiled at me

Playing with her toys

Still, something felt very wrong

Day 7

I found her awake

Just laying there

Eyes wide open

Never blinking

Always smiling at me

Day 8

Something is very wrong

She keeps talking to someone

Sometimes she twitches a bit

No reasoning

Seemingly something small


I notice it

Day 9

I can hear them both talking

Late at night

I’m terrified

I heard them speaking about me

Something about when I’m sleeping

I was awake that night

Never sleeping…

…She was too…

Never blinking

Always smiling

Day 10

I recorded my daughter

She was in the playroom

I thought it would be okay

Then she asked about her dead father

She said, she saw him

She never looked at me

However, she knew I was there

She says, Samantha let me talk to him

Day 11

I’ve still not slept

I’m afraid to

I almost did today, but when I started to nod off

I had a terrible feeling and when I opened my eyes

She was staring me in the face

Never blinking

Always smiling

Day 12

I collapsed

I had the most maddeningly frightening dreams

I saw Samantha

She just laughed at me

I awoke, there my daughter stood

The neighbors dead cat still ripped open

Organs everywhere

She just kept smiling

Knife in one hand, cat in the other

…Never blinking…

Day 13

I brought her to a child psychologist

The woman saw her for an hour

That night I got a phone call

She said she’s always watching

Then laughed and cried

I heard her blow her brains out

Over the phone

My daughter Emily just stood there

Smiling at me

Never blinking

Day 14

I’ve asked for an exorcism

The priest skyped me

He just smiled into the camera

Saying, she’s always watching

He slit his throat

Right on cam

I don’t know what to do…

I can’t do…ANYTHING!

Day 15

Emily seemed herself today

No weird changes


Day 16

She asked me to play

Said something about having tea time set up

…in our basement…

I politely declined

Told her I had something to do

She stared me in the face and said

Mommy, Samantha says you are lying

You have nothing else to do

She also wants you to know

She loves you

Day 17

I walked inside Emily’s room

She was taking pictures of a dead rat

She is only 7

Something is very wrong with that

Day 18

I collapsed again

I woke up

There she was


…Never blinking…

Day 19

I think I’m seeing Samantha

Every now and again

From time to time

Out of the corner of my eye

She just smiles

…Never blinking…

Day 20

I’m seeing her more frequently

She lurks closer every time

Some nights I hear her whispering

Everything is going to be fine

Day 21

I thought about killing Emily today

I’m not sure I have a choice

She’s my daughter, I love her

Samantha says

It will be alright

She whispered into my ear all night

Everything is going to be fine

Day 22

I made Emily breakfast today

I told her to join me for tea

…In the basement…

I made a special mallet, just for the event

Samantha says, I shouldn’t tell Emily

Everything will be fine

I can kill her

Then myself

Then…we can be a happy family

Day 23

Tea party went great!

It was such a delight!

I killed Emily…

I sawed off her head

Still more time for tea though


Day 24

I looked inside the mirror today

I saw Samantha’s face

Always smiling

Never blinking

I’m going to take this knife

Shove it in my neck

…I did…

I’m bleeding out

It’s okay though

Everything is going to be fine

-Everything Is Going To Be Fine-


Entry 168: The Piano

I bought the most amazing thing today

It was a piano for which I practiced playing

In time I grew great

I was a happy Nate indeed

The world was the perfect place

The piano granted me skills

I became the best in the world

Greater than all the greats


Yet, every time I try to sleep

The piano is there in every dream

I must keep playing

I can’t stop…


It is not happiness that drives me anymore


I want to burn the damned thing

Yet play and play, I will anyways

I heard it whispering the other night

It said I must wake up

I needed to play it again

It told me I’d play till dawn

Not even a single break

If I didn’t, I’d never see anyone again!

I of course obeyed the voice

Playing the piano, pretending inside, it was my choice

Dawn came, I made breakfast, ate it

Then I heard the voice again


It told me to hold a concert for all Black Winter to attend

It promised me eternal fame I’d get

I did as it asked

The moment I began to play I heard the voice speak again

It said…

Your soul is mine, you will play till you are dead!

So I played and played some more

I wanted to stop

My fingers in pain

It said no

I tried to stop, my fingers wouldn’t


I played until my fingers bled

Then I played more…

I never stopped even after I heard my fingers snap

There was a smile stuck on my face

I cackled insanely!

Bones sticking out and still playing MADLY!

Eventually I banged my head over and over again….

Covering the piano in blood

There was a great cheer!

They loved the show!

Now here I am dead…


-The Piano-

Entry 167: She Bides Her Time

It slowly kills me

She lives inside my mind

Tearing me apart

Every single night

If I sleep, it’s a nightmare fueled night

I can hear her whispering from deep inside

She stares at me

I’m sure she knows I’ve noticed

It is probably what she wants

I know she wants me to know

That she lurks in the deepest parts

Of my mind

It is there she bides her time

Smiling wickedly

Keeping me awake

Telling me stories

Driving me insane

Twisting my every thought

Keeping my mind racing!

She wants me to have as little sleep as possible…

Before she buries me beneath the ground

Death she says will be my eventual end


Not before she slowly tears me apart

Eating at my mind

She loves it when I get very little sleep

Then have to work

Smiles in delight when I can barely function

I want to crash

However we both know

She won’t allow that

No just enough to tease like I might sleep for real

Watching my mind slowly decay on itself

She laughs sometimes

Knowing that with age

She will only grow stronger


Likely insane!

A mental breakdown

Or a series of them

She’ll stand there cackling

Relishing them

She’s a mean bitch

She preys on many

Says she loves to watch

Her victims die slowly

Some try to cure her with pills

She’s got me too deep

To allow that

She says she’ll just let me sit in a haze

Watching me get sick over time

Little to no sleep

Smile on her face, as she watches me weep

Yes she says

People who don’t have this will never understand

The love I have for you

The things we’ve been through

We are stuck together you and I…

…Until I get bored with you…

Watching you die

I ask her, what is your name

Smiling she tells me

She calls herself…


She is counting down the days

Until she kills me

-She Bides Her Time-

Entry 166: Lady

My parents named me Lady

I was supposed to be sweet

A prim and proper woman

That’s what I was supposed to grow up to be

To their faces, I was indeed

They however…

Didn’t know about the real me

The girl who killed the family dog

Bashing in its brains

Simply because it looked at me funny

I lured the maid into the basement one night

Gutted the bitch, watched her bleed out

Blamed it on someone else

No one would believe the daughter

Of such a rich family would ever do

Such a classless thing

It had to be the butler instead

I enjoyed watching them hang him

I watched the life disappear from his eyes

I smiled with so much delight

Blowing the man a kiss

Giving him a wink

Just enough to have realization set in

When he could do nothing!

Next, I went far out of my way

Seduced a pretty young classmate

She was so sweet

Conflicted about her feelings for me

I became her best friend

Confessed my “love” for her

It was fun toying with her every emotion

I made her do so much for me

Told her to prove her love to me

She lit the neighbors kid on fire once

All so I’d go with her to lunch

Begging, pleading, wishing for a simple smile from me

I made her do so many things

Kill a cat, easy enough

Slit your wrists, show me your devotion

She did that too

I promised to call 911

Instead I watched the idiot bleed out

Tellling her the entire time how much I loved…

Watching her die

She was a stupid cunt to be sure

Still, she had nothing on my future husband

He wanted me, my family wanted me to want him

So, I delighted in playing along

Eric, I love thee

That’s what I told him to make him break an oath

Having sex before marriage, a big no no

In his belief system

I quite enjoyed corrupting him

Still, he was a toy

Nothing more

So when the time came

I met with a priest

Claiming that we wished to marry

When it was time for confession

I told them both…everything

We fucked in church

I strung them along

They’d do anything for me

Worshipping my body

I felt nothing for them

I recorded everything

The moment I killed them both

Pitting one against the other to prove their worth

They were crazy for me

I watched my future husband kill the priest

Then I disposed of him as well

Slitting his throat

Then pleasuring myself next to their dead bodies

It was so beautiful

I kept the recording for me

A way to savor a happy memory

The detective sent to investigate the murders

He was a married man

It didn’t take long to get him to kill his whole family

I had him eating out of my hand

He’d do anything for me

Even confess to the murders of the recently deceased…

Not only his family…

But the priest and my late fiancé too

I visited him in prison one day

Told him, he’d hang himself for me

That’s just what he did

I watched all of it…

I enjoyed it

Then I feigned a scream

Acting as if his suicide, was a shock to me

It is so easy to manipulate emotion

So easy to make someone desire me

I sit here now, my parents eternally asleep

Eating them slowly


My parents were right

I truly am a woman of sophistication and class

I’m going to keep my sister alive

Teach her my ways

Teacher her how to be a proper…


Entry 165: Doll

Her melody a sure sign of your death

Best not have any regrets

The cracked porcelain face

A symbol of her fate

Don’t wander near her house

Don’t draw her ire lest she make you

Her next victim

No one is quite sure why

She is the way she is

Many are unsure how she picks her victims

Still, if you should ever gaze

Upon that porcelain face

Know that it is already too late

She’s picked you…

She will stalk you in your dreams

She will turn your nightmares into reality

You will suffer while you live

There will be no escape

Her last victim left to insanity

Taken away

Locked in a padded room

Thought to be safe

Was found evicerated!

No one was seen coming in

However upon coming out

There she was, that scarred porcelain face

She stopped long enough

To slowly look up at the camera

Then she vanished without a trace

The problem with this you see…

I was the one working that night!

You see, I felt…like she was staring at me!

My name is Linette

I fear for my safety

It sounds quite crazy


I’ve been seeing her in my dreams

She says nothing

She simply stares

It’s like she is waiting for something!

The other day I got a note

That simply read


That was it, nothing else


I’m not crazy!

I called my family, my friends

No one seemed to have a clue

They told me maybe I should stay with them

So, I took some time off of work and that’s what I did

That was something I’d wind up regretting

At first it was all fine

Then things started to unwind

I look out the window and she’d be standing there

Scared, I called my Mom into the room

I stared this thing in the face

My Mom….she said she saw nothing!

My stalker lifted a finger to her lips

As though to silence me

I asked my Mom once again, if she saw nothing

She smiled and said, I think you need some rest

Internally I cried

Something was very wrong

I headed off to bed, napping in the afternoon

When I awoke that night, she was standing over me…


I screamed and threw a punch but she was already across the room

Turning slowly, walking out the door

I saw her vanish before me

Suddenly I heard the most grim tune

Played on the family piano, just down stairs

I felt my heart sink

I slowly went down, what I found…

Destroyed me…

My Mom had a knife to her throat and a smile

Seconds after seeing me she said:

I love you honey

Then with the same demented grin she ended her life

I fell to the floor, crying

There was a bang in the study

It was clearly a gun

I ran inside to find my father dead

A single bullet

To his head

She stood over his body, staring

It was as though she were intrigued

Then she looked back up at me

The police were at my door

Breaking in, they soon began the questions

I tried to tell them that it wasn’t me

That it was a porcelain faced woman

She stalked me,

Tormenting me in dream and reality

They soon took me into the nearest station

In the interrogation room she stood in a corner staring

I wasn’t sure what to say as the police continued questioning me

So I sat in silence….

Saying nothing

I remember losing all hope

Knowing no one would believe me

I slept in the cell that night

She was there

Just on the other side…


Next day, more questions

Still no answers

Another night in a cell

She stared

A guard gave me his gun

I was confused

My stalker motioning her fingers to me

Telling me to pull the trigger

I didn’t want to

Even now…

Yet here I stand, gun in hand





Entry 164: It Was A Fair Trade

Oh dear Sherry

What was on your mind?

Were you right in the head

On that lonely night

You spoke of possessions

You cried your husbands name

You claimed his death

At the hands of something unseen

You said it was a demon

Come to collect his soul

That he’d made past deals

It was time for him to pay his toll

You claimed you wanted him back

That you had a plan

You said don’t worry my friend

I’ve accepted what is to become of me in the end

You see, I was a part of that deal

The old hell hounds are hot on my trail

Death is coming for me

I might as well make the most of

The time I have left

I’m going alone tonight

I will end it all

No amount of bargaining can save my soul

So do yourself a favor

Just forget me

Any feelings you might might have

Tonight I’m going to meet my end

However, I’ll save him in the end

I’ll bring him back from Hell

He was the innocent party in all of this

I  drug him to his fate

He should’ve just let me die that day

Cancer was my would be killers name

He was into things other worldy

Claimed he could save me

So on that late night

I was dying in that hospital bed

He kissed me on the lips and said it’d be okay

Said I won’t let you die today

So he left, a deal he made

A crossroads demon sealing the deal entirely

Given 5 years to make his peace

He said that’d be more than enough time

He wanted to spend every second with his lovely Sherry

I saw it all in a dream

There I was dying

Then next second I awoke just fine

Death no longer my sentencing for a time

Cancer gone

Doctors said it a miracle

However, I knew differently as she stared at me

From that dark corner

Smile, as evil as can be

She said,

I’ll come for you soon too

Your life comes as part of the cost

Of the contract we made

No worries, you’ll be given a bit more time

Long enough to linger and realize

Both your souls are damned for all of time

Your precious love broken down in Hell

There is nothing you can do

So enjoy what time you have left

That is how it will all end

In a cemetery where you’ll try to counter his fate

I’ve seen it all before

I know how this story ends

So just accept your fate

Enjoy what time you have left

Before your soul is forfeit


You are dragged to Hell

This is the story you told me

I believe it to be true

See even as you head to that cemetery

To end it all

You don’t realized I’ve made a deal too

I asked her to spare you

Take me in your place

That’s why when you get here

You’ll find me here already too

She wanted you to see what I had done

How I’d saved you from your fate

It kind of sucks because

She can’t reverse your loves fate

However she’ll take that mark of yours

Put it on me in your place

So sweetly, I see your face

You approach those old graves

Looking up, you see her and I

A demon and your best friend

Standing silently

You look on in pain

She tells you to hold up your hand

You look upon in shock

Watching as your mark

Disappears from your hand

I hold my hand up

You look on in hate

Realizing, just what happened

You see the mark that seals my fate

Forming on me instead of you

You cry tears of rage and sadness

Rushing forth as though you can change anything

I say to you

Live a full life, smile, and be happy tonight

If not for you

Then for our baby, instead

You stop in shock

Feeling your stomach

Realization hits

It all makes sense

That night we spent

It may not have made us saints

Still, I’m happy we did what we did

I tell you I love you

You cry

Watching as hands come from the ground

Dragging me into the abyss

I tell you it’s worth it

To see you live

That’s the last we see of one another

Now here I sit in Hell

Eternally forced to suffer

Writhing in pain

Thinking to myself

It was worth it in the end

I saved you and our future child too


Deals need to be made

In my opinion

-It Was A Fair Trade-