Entry 179: Teddy

All warm and snuggly

You keep me safe

Forever my friend

No matter what time brings

You are my Teddy!

I feel the stitching

You were made with love

Sometimes if I listen close enough

I swear I hear you whispering

You tell me about all our times together

The tea party

The late night screams

The one time we listened to Aunties suffering

That axe sure did the trick

I guess that is what she gets for trying to separate us

She said she wanted to meet you Teddy

Claimed she wanted to know my friend

Yet when she saw you

She cried instead

Screaming in horror

Wondering why you were stitched up like that

We unfortunately had to…

…End her…

Sorry if you had to hear those screams

Truly wish you didn’t have to see such horrible things

We saved her skin, maybe clothing for the future

Burning the body, elsewhere…

Mother called the other day

Asking if I’d seen Auntie Rae?

She said she was supposed to drop by

Give me a birthday surprise

I told her I had seen no one

Secretly bringing you along as we got rid of the evidence

No one would suspect a thing

You’ve always kept my secrets

They all think I have a condition

I’m mentally challenged they say

Little did they know, I’m a genius

I’ve been faking everything

All my life, you and I spoke

Telling me to do things like choke my best friend

Kill her…slowly, you said

I believe she was our first victim

Stupid bitch, really thought we were close too

That was until the last moments

Gasping for air

She begged me to stop

I told her, Teddy says no

Once I saw the life leave her eyes for good

I gave her a kiss

Cut off her face

Stashed it away

It adorns one of my dolls

A memory of your and my friendship

You’ve always been there for me Teddy

Even when you were just a voice inside my mind

Whispering sickly sweet things

I truly appreciated all your poems

The things you said while I slept at night

The one time Uncle Lou came in drunk

Tried to have his way with me

You didn’t let him, now did you?

No, you told me take the knife

I watched him stumble and fall to the floor

He tried to get up

I have no doubt you tripped him

I performed the surgery that happened next

We make the perfect team my friend

You are the only one I will truly love

That’s why I had to take little brother…

You needed a body you said

…Preferably a dead one…

So I snuck into the house one night

Grabbed little bro

Kept him close to my breast

He was quiet till I got him home

Then we did what needed to be done

We performed the necessary deed

Suffocating him quietly

After which we removed his heart

Then you entered him…

I had to sew you up after all was done

I even added a scar or two

You told me you wanted that…

I know you aren’t just a voice in my head

To me…

…You’ll be the only one I’ll ever love…


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