Entry 178: Do You Trust Me?

Do you trust me?

Look closely into my eyes

They are red, right?

Look again, they are a deep blue

Are they not?

Is my hair red?

Is it blue?

Perhaps I’m blonde?

Maybe I have jet black hair?

What do you see?

Do you trust me?

Watch my lips

Listen to the soothing sound

That comes from them

You love the sound

Don’t you?

I wonder what you see?

Do you see me for me?

Are you watching my breasts?

What interests you about my chest?

Perhaps you are looking at my legs?

What am I wearing?

Am I modest?

Do I wear something less so?

Am I a turn on?

What would you do if I let you?

Would you ravish me?

Perhaps we would make love slowly?

What do you see now?

Perhaps I’m naked…

Perfect body, free for you

I want you to do whatever it is you wish

Have your way with me

Ride me…

Break me…

Force me to my knees

Give me a reason to feel your suffering!

Not enough?

Hit me!

I want to feel your hate…

Don’t be afraid

It’s okay

Choke me

Smack me around

The blood from my lips is nice


That’s not enough

I want you to tie me up

I want you to play out your darkest fantasies!

Go ahead…

Now that I am helpless

Do what is going through your head

Fuck me however you want!

Take that knife, maybe the scissors

Do what you want!

I’m smiling…

The pain is nice

I feel you getting harder with every slice

Listen to my voice

You hear laughter as you stab

It’s comforting…isn’t it?

Cut my body to pieces when you are done

I want you to saw me to pieces

Have fun!

Look closer, what do you see?

Do you see the body of the girl you killed this time?

It’s okay…

Look again…

Nothing to fear

Do you see the rose petals in the bed?

The lovely pillow arrangement you made?

It’s beautiful isn’t it?

The sound at the door you hear…

It’s your guest

She’s been waiting to meet you

Greet her, take those red scissors too

Show her what you wish to do to her

*Man walks to door*




-Do You Trust Me?-

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