Entry 177: That Special Time Of Year

So exciting!

This time of year

Do you feel

That holiday cheer?!

I know I do

I’ve wrapped my present wonderfully

Off to visit my family

I arrive

Everyone smiling

The family is so delightful

Oh the things they’ve done

I’ll reward them accordingly

First though

It is time to eat

My family asking

How are you, Emily?

Where is Jack?

I assure them

He was a bit tired

He’d make an appearance soon

Trust me, I smiled

So there we were

Exchanging cheer

Talking of our lives

Smiling from ear to ear!

Mother, please open your gift

I wish to see, if you’re happy with it?

Oh dear daughter

Christmas is less than a week away

I’ll wait till then…

If that is okay?

Mother, I say with a smile

It is okay

No need to be modest today

Go ahead, open it please

Don’t feel bad…

I have a gift for everybody!

They’ll open theirs soon

I just want to start the holiday right

Dearest Mother,

You had me at birth

The least I can do is have you open

Your gift first!

The rest of the family looked at her smiling

Go ahead, they said

Cheering her on

I stood there smiling!

My Mother opened her gift

So slowly she unwrapped it

The moment her eyes saw what was within

I took a snapshot of her face

For memories sake!

She was pale

Looked a bit under the weather

So I spoke in her stead

Dearest Mother

Are you not pleased

I gave the gift to you

That kept giving

I imagine you quite enjoyed it

So I kept it fresh

Sawing it off for you

We all know, how many times

You enjoyed Jacks dick

Inside you!

So I thought it a treat,

I’d saw off his dick, before killing him

Keep it safe, nice and as alive as could be

Then I’d deliver it to you

Make you happy!

As for the meat we are all eating so happily

The special meat I insisted you use for your stew

The one you all can’t stop bragging about…


That’s Jack too!

There was shock, the family looked afraid

On to Father, I said

I handed him a gift

He took it silently

His face in shock

Probably from fear

I give the best gifts, every year!

Open it I said

He complied

What was inside?

A camcorder, but not just any kind

One with memories

Those he’d like to keep to himself

I pulled a revolver out

Pointed it at his face

Told him to bring everyone to the family room

Then press play

My father did this slowly

He cried, begging me to reconsider

I smiled

Come on Dad, no one likes a quitter!

That’s what you used to tell me

When you’d play with me, late at night

That special game

Just between us

I’d say I didn’t want to

You’d tell me it’s okay

Come on Emily, no one likes a quitter

You’d cheerfully say

Playing the video, all looked on in surprise

My uncle tried to slip away

I shot my Mom in the face

Told my Uncle, to clean the body

Make it go away

Like you did for my Dad

Every time he’d play with me

Go ahead, don’t be shy

I promise you, you’ll get a gift soon too!

Now that I think about it…

Make it 2 you make disappear

Mom and Dad need to be buried together,

This is true!

I shot my dad, right between the eyes

Laughing, before looking at my Uncle too

Come on, you’ve got things to do!

He made haste with disposing of the bodies

I made everyone watch what he did

I even recorded it!

Memories, I said

This will be the last Christmas we all have!

I thought we’d celebrate early

Fill it with holiday cheer!

After the bodies were dropped into the grave

I blew out my Uncles brains

He fell in, I turned to my lovely Aunt

Remember when you’d beat me

The summers I spent at your place?

Those were fond memories…weren’t they?

Open your gift now please, dear Aunt

I haven’t all night, after all

My Aunt trembled

She cried

I assured her, she’d die tonight

So there was no use in crying or tears

It’d be over soon, anyways!

She opened her gift, it was a bat

I asked her to turn toward her daughter

I told her to beat her to death

For being a watcher

Someone who saw, what she did to me

Yet, she didn’t speak the truth

When it was time too!

Gun to her head, I told her do the deed

She simply said

Kill me!

I smiled and said, I’ll spare your daughter

If she beats you death instead…

That is…

Without hesitation her daughter grabbed the bat

I watched as she beat her Mom to death

I laughed!

Isn’t this fun, everyone?!

Christmas holidays should be like this every year!


The deed was done, she pushed her mother in

I’ve done what you asked…

Will you spare me?!

I smiled, pointed the gun at her face

She started to plead

I shot her anyways

Sorry, I lied…like you used to do…all the time!

My dear family…who is left

Oh yes, just grandmother dearest

Are you going to make this difficult for me?

Or are you going to just let me end your suffering?

You’ve lived long enough after all…

80 years too long if you ask me!

You knew of all the secrets within our family

Nothing got by you…

Why didn’t you do anything?

You are very rude!

I know how you used to use my Mom…

Pimping her off, at the highest of costs!

No worries, I’ve got something special for you…

Go ahead…time to open your gift too!



I was hoping that is what you would say…

I brought this knife for that sort of thing.

I delight in the screams you’ll make

No doubt the police, will come running!

I’m going to carve you up, during that time!

When they arrive…I’ll end everything!

So that’s just what I did

I tied her up and cut away at her face

I loved it when her blood

Sprayed all over me!

This went on for 20 minutes at best…

Sadly, the neighbors called someone.

Nosy pricks…

Shame I won’t have time to deal with them!

The police arrived just in time to watch me carve off Granny’s head!

They told me to freeze…

I shot myself in the head instead!

-That Special Time Of Year-


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