Entry 176: To The Future Deceased

Tip toeing late at night

I pray for life

Crying deep inside

Hoping to leave alright

I’m trapped within this place

She follows my every move

Her name is Lyla…

I hear her groan

She lives in this place

Forever alone

Feeding on the souls

Who wander to close

Waiting for them to wander in

Only to trap them there…

Till death

I’ve been trapped within for I don’t know how long

I thought I’d found

The one I am searching for

She was running towards the entrance

I opened it up

Only to find another room

One not there before

The one I’m searching for…

…Still missing…

Now I spend every night

In this place

Searching for the one I lost

While also looking for an escape

I can hear her stalking me

I hear her whispers in my dreams

Every time I think I’m safe

I hear her giggling

That white gown

Her long red hair

The blood running from her finger nails

Last time I saw her

The blood was fresh

I ran for my life

Praying to find the one I seek

Also, for that exit for which I’m desperately searching

She stopped stalking

I heard a maddening scream

She claimed a different victim

Lyla began toying with me

I heard her outside the door

Slowly running a fingernail down the edge

I could feel her smiling

She could have killed me…

Instead she knocked on the door




If she wanted, she could come in

I saw the door open a bit

The head of her latest victim rolled in!

It stopped at my feet

Mouth open, eyes and tongue missing

Mm….what a treat 

I heard her giggling to me

The door shut

I cried myself to sleep that night

All the while

Screaming kept resonating

From the walls

From the halls

Then silence…

Lyla’s depraved laugh

My continued suffering…

I’d heard the legends of this old place

I specialized in studying these things

Many times a hoax was all I found

This place however…

All too real!

I came here because…

It was the last place my daughter was seen

Coming here on a dare

Last Halloween…

It took months but this was the only lead that turned up

A detective once checked into this place


Tonight, his head, was the one rolled to me…

So here I sit crying

Praying for a miracle to be sure…

My daughter must be dead…

She has to be…

It’s been quiet for a bit

There’s a chill in the air

I went out again…


Opening the door

A different hall

Never the same…

I will never leave here

So if you read this note

Know it is too late

My daughter and I

Are very much dead

Can you hear her…


*The rest of the note is too stained in blood to read*



A woman’s body falls to the floor bleeding out

Lyla tears her apart…

The woman’s final words…


-To The Future Deceased-


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