Entry 175: I’ll Soon Be Dead

Drawn into a dream

I was from moment one

I saw your face

I knew, you were the one

Still, I went

I continued to pursue

Did not matter, what I knew you would do…

Gone they all are

Missing as can be

No idea where

They could possibly be

Black Winter is full of things that kill

Yet, here I decide

I must know, what fate befell

The missing 9

It didn’t happen all at once

It goes as follows

#1 Amy, 9yrs old

Complained of sleep troubles

Nightmares she said

Always appearing in the same place

Night after night

What she saw

No one knows

All she said

I’ll soon be dead

A month this went on

Then one day…she was gone

No trace, no clue

Nothing anyone could do

#2 Joe, 32yrs old

A trucker by trade

He’d always complain

Sleep an hour

Dream an eternity

Always the same place

I’ll soon be dead

Was found on a note after his disappearance

He disappeared a year after Amy did

Still, no clue…

His 18 wheeler empty

Keys still in place

He vanished without a trace

#3 Carol 43yrs old

A house wife

She had 2 kids and a husband as well

6 months before she vanished

The woman complained

Saying she was in the same place every night

Terrified out of her mind

Her husband wanted to know where and why

She told him

I’ll soon be dead

She disappeared right from her bed

Husband was sleeping with her

Once he awoke

Found Carol gone

No note…


This was also a year after Joe’s disappearance

#4 Vanessa 18yrs old

Vanessa was a high school graduate

World in her hands

The future looked bright

For this Valedictorian

It was Summer when the first nightmare came

She was terrified knowing what happened

To the other missing

Crying to her parents

Pleading for help

Screaming obscenities

Her parents got a full security detail

The police as well

Every eye was on her that could be

Yet the night of her disappearance

She stood up

Looked at the camera and said

I’ll soon be dead

The feed went dead

There was no trace of Vanessa after that

No one saw her come in or out of the room

There was nothing

She was simply gone

Another victim 1 year apart

#5 Tim 13yrs old

This disappearance happened a year apart

Although he disappeared well before saying anything

One night he was fast asleep

Next day a message on the wall read

I’ll soon be dead

#6 Jana 73yrs old

Jana complained night after night

Same nightmare, same place

Every time the nursing home pleaded


As though possessed she would say

I’ll soon be dead…

She never spoke a word after this

Police waited in the same room with her

Wide awake, making sure she wouldn’t vanish…

…Like the rest…

No precaution seemed to help

One night she was there, silent as can be

Then on the one year anniversary of the previous vanishing

A staff member of the nursing home came in

Finding a slew of dead policemen

Blood everywhere

No Jana, anywhere

#7 Veronica 21yrs old

An art student

Things were bright

Till one night she complained

I had a dream in a place I’ve never seen

There was a woman, sobbing

I couldn’t see her face

Still, I knew…

I’ll soon be dead…

Though more information than most had given

She also vanished, without a trace

Another victim of this unknown lady

#8 Thomas 45yrs old

Thomas did nothing

He had no job

Nothing to truly live for

His neighbors said he was a bit of a slob

Heard him wailing one night

Called the police

Said he was screaming

I’ll soon be dead

Over and over again

The police had arrived

It was too late

Thomas was nowhere

Leaving behind only scribbling words

I’ll soon be dead

All over his walls

#9 Samantha 24yrs old

This one was quite personal

In case you didn’t know

Samantha was to be

My future wife

The first night she had the nightmares

She awoke afraid

Asking me to save her in some way

I did all the research I could

Still, I could do nothing

Some nights she was completely herself

Others she was tranced out

Drawing the woman she saw

The place she’d seen her

I’ll soon be dead

She told me one night

I fell to my knees

Telling her this couldn’t be

We had a life to live together

Why you? I said

She simply smiled and the lights dimmed

Soon dying…when they came on again

She was gone…

I cried myself to sleep that night

Having called the police as well

I had no trace, no clue

I’ve looked at all the art

I’ve reviewed all the evidence

Nothing could lead me to where she could be

My future wife…

Simply having vanished before me…

It’s been almost a year

I’ve looked high and low

I’ve tried mediums, witches, every manner of way

Still, I’m not closer to finding my beloved

Or her fate

Then…recently I’ve been having the dreams

I’ve seen the woman that the others spoke of

I never see her face…

I just know…

-I’ll Soon Be Dead-




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