Entry 174: Too Weak

I sit here

Pondering how it came to this

What did I do to deserve such a fate?

I killed, murdered?

Perhaps, I was a tool used to end the weak?

That’s what I choose to believe!

If you are too weak to survive, you don’t deserve life!

It wasn’t my fault Amalin didn’t lock her door that night!

She was stupid which means weak, so, she was punished for it

Nailed to the bed, skinned alive

All just another night for me

Catherine, was quite the fighter…

Till she her face met my hammer!

I didn’t kill her all at once…I dazed her

Some guy named Tom thought he’d be her hero

He was very wrong!

I ended him when he came into the door

He walked right into my hammer HAHAHAHAHAHA!

What an idiot!

Stupidity doesn’t deserve life

When I finished smashing his skull to pieces

I went over and finished off Catherine

She was practically half out of it after the first beating

Still, I won’t lie, I used my fists a few times

While she still breathed life I beat her until I felt she’d learned

Just how weak she was

You probably think I went and raped her after, right?

I didn’t…I don’t breed with the weak

Catherines main mistake?

She tried to help the poor, the homeless?

She tried to help them by teaching them.

They were just going to go out and do drugs and drink again

What good was she doing wasting her abilities on them?

I’ve done so many things…

I blew up a bus full of the disadvantaged

I don’t give a shit!


I can hear the priest reading me my last rites

The eyes of the families of the deceased

Stare at me judgingly…

I’m not sorry and I’m damn sure well not afraid!

This is the world…accept it.

I was too weak to escape the police when they found me

I had killed an entire school of children and was shot in the head…

I lived.

Now I sit, years later, my sentence, death by electric chair

And I smile in the face of the victims families!

I’m offered the chance to say my final words…

I smile.

I relished beating Catherine

Amalin was a real treat to skin!

I still laugh at the screams of the kids in that school!

The bus of the disadvantaged didn’t know what hit them


Tom was a moron

There are so many more!!

Amy ended with homemade surgery

Her screams were beautiful

Matthew, I took a grinder to his face

A bit ironic considering his profession

I love a good laugh too!

Johnathan, thought he was close to getting me

I did something special to that cop

Use your imagination…

I won’t go on…you all bore me

There is no remorse here

I was too weak to get away…

So, today I die just the same

That’s the way the world works

Get used to it

You kill me today…

Another even worse, is out there tomorrow

Continuing the work

Maybe even making art from it?

So good riddance this day

You’ll remember me always

*Electric chair sets off*

*He dies smiling*

-Too Weak-

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