Entry 172: I See Her When It Rains

*Rain pouring*

She’s standing there all alone

I’m not sure why

She has been following me

I feel despair

Only when it rains does she appear

I’ve likened to naming her

The Umbrella Lady

I’ve seen her in the past

Always in the distance…

Until recently

The last time it rained

I saw her only a few feet away from me

I had a migraine that day

The harder it rained

The clearer she became

Filled with cold dread

I heard her inside my head

Why she always says

Again and again and again…

She wears all black

Looks to be Asian

I can never see her entire face

Her eyes covered by an umbrella

She never smiles

I feel sorrow the closer she gets

It overtakes me

The other day she was just outside my window

Nightmares were all I had

Falling asleep as she drew near

Unsure of what was happening

I saw her, a distant memory

I remember having a gun to my head

She was inside the place…crying

It was raining, heavily

It was almost like, she knew me

I pulled the trigger and in a flash

Witnessed all before me

My once lived past

The Umbrella Lady had a name

Her name was Maya

She used to be my love

As it turns out I’d been suffering depression

She came in and found me

Gun to my head…

All she could do was ask why?

Again and again and again…


I killed myself

She was left behind

I can only see her now…when it’s raining

A reminder of the night I ended everything

Truly sad, her life has been since

My love, always in mourning

She doesn’t live here anymore

Still, some days she’ll come by

Staring at what once was

What could have been

Silently mourning my life

Blaming herself

Always asking why

She couldn’t stop me…

…From committing suicide…

-I See Her When It Rains-

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