Entry 171: For Fun

Drip, drip, drip

They bleed

Hanging from the hook

Soon to be dead meat

Sometimes they plead

Other times they scream

Always, they frustrate me!

What makes one think I’m going to let them live?!

Why do they believe, I’d take them into my shop

Torture them, go through all this trouble

Just to say okay…I’ll let you live today?

People call those like me insane

In truth though, the victims

They aren’t right in the head!

Begging, pleading for life

It is no use as I carve them up

…With my knife…

Sometimes I use an axe

Other times a chainsaw

One time I used a bone from a dead victim

I had turned into a knife over time

One things for sure

I always delight in hearing the screams

Regardless of the tools I use for surgery!

Once I had a woman, pleading her case

She begged me and said she’d do anything for escape

That’s cute, so I pulled her off the hook

Dropped her to her knees

I asked again, anything?

She shook her head yes, I laughed

Turned around, grabbed an axe

Then spun back around…


Gone was her head…that was that.

Today, I have a man hanging from a hook

Says he has a wife, a family!

That’s good to know I say

I will be sure find them soon

Reunite everyone, like a happy family

He cried as I started the chainsaw up

He asked why?!

I placed the chainsaw between his legs

Staring at the man hanging upside down

I laughed and told him…


*Chainsaw cuts into flesh*

*Man screams*

-For Fun-

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