Entry 167: She Bides Her Time

It slowly kills me

She lives inside my mind

Tearing me apart

Every single night

If I sleep, it’s a nightmare fueled night

I can hear her whispering from deep inside

She stares at me

I’m sure she knows I’ve noticed

It is probably what she wants

I know she wants me to know

That she lurks in the deepest parts

Of my mind

It is there she bides her time

Smiling wickedly

Keeping me awake

Telling me stories

Driving me insane

Twisting my every thought

Keeping my mind racing!

She wants me to have as little sleep as possible…

Before she buries me beneath the ground

Death she says will be my eventual end


Not before she slowly tears me apart

Eating at my mind

She loves it when I get very little sleep

Then have to work

Smiles in delight when I can barely function

I want to crash

However we both know

She won’t allow that

No just enough to tease like I might sleep for real

Watching my mind slowly decay on itself

She laughs sometimes

Knowing that with age

She will only grow stronger


Likely insane!

A mental breakdown

Or a series of them

She’ll stand there cackling

Relishing them

She’s a mean bitch

She preys on many

Says she loves to watch

Her victims die slowly

Some try to cure her with pills

She’s got me too deep

To allow that

She says she’ll just let me sit in a haze

Watching me get sick over time

Little to no sleep

Smile on her face, as she watches me weep

Yes she says

People who don’t have this will never understand

The love I have for you

The things we’ve been through

We are stuck together you and I…

…Until I get bored with you…

Watching you die

I ask her, what is your name

Smiling she tells me

She calls herself…


She is counting down the days

Until she kills me

-She Bides Her Time-


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