Entry 166: Lady

My parents named me Lady

I was supposed to be sweet

A prim and proper woman

That’s what I was supposed to grow up to be

To their faces, I was indeed

They however…

Didn’t know about the real me

The girl who killed the family dog

Bashing in its brains

Simply because it looked at me funny

I lured the maid into the basement one night

Gutted the bitch, watched her bleed out

Blamed it on someone else

No one would believe the daughter

Of such a rich family would ever do

Such a classless thing

It had to be the butler instead

I enjoyed watching them hang him

I watched the life disappear from his eyes

I smiled with so much delight

Blowing the man a kiss

Giving him a wink

Just enough to have realization set in

When he could do nothing!

Next, I went far out of my way

Seduced a pretty young classmate

She was so sweet

Conflicted about her feelings for me

I became her best friend

Confessed my “love” for her

It was fun toying with her every emotion

I made her do so much for me

Told her to prove her love to me

She lit the neighbors kid on fire once

All so I’d go with her to lunch

Begging, pleading, wishing for a simple smile from me

I made her do so many things

Kill a cat, easy enough

Slit your wrists, show me your devotion

She did that too

I promised to call 911

Instead I watched the idiot bleed out

Tellling her the entire time how much I loved…

Watching her die

She was a stupid cunt to be sure

Still, she had nothing on my future husband

He wanted me, my family wanted me to want him

So, I delighted in playing along

Eric, I love thee

That’s what I told him to make him break an oath

Having sex before marriage, a big no no

In his belief system

I quite enjoyed corrupting him

Still, he was a toy

Nothing more

So when the time came

I met with a priest

Claiming that we wished to marry

When it was time for confession

I told them both…everything

We fucked in church

I strung them along

They’d do anything for me

Worshipping my body

I felt nothing for them

I recorded everything

The moment I killed them both

Pitting one against the other to prove their worth

They were crazy for me

I watched my future husband kill the priest

Then I disposed of him as well

Slitting his throat

Then pleasuring myself next to their dead bodies

It was so beautiful

I kept the recording for me

A way to savor a happy memory

The detective sent to investigate the murders

He was a married man

It didn’t take long to get him to kill his whole family

I had him eating out of my hand

He’d do anything for me

Even confess to the murders of the recently deceased…

Not only his family…

But the priest and my late fiancé too

I visited him in prison one day

Told him, he’d hang himself for me

That’s just what he did

I watched all of it…

I enjoyed it

Then I feigned a scream

Acting as if his suicide, was a shock to me

It is so easy to manipulate emotion

So easy to make someone desire me

I sit here now, my parents eternally asleep

Eating them slowly


My parents were right

I truly am a woman of sophistication and class

I’m going to keep my sister alive

Teach her my ways

Teacher her how to be a proper…



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