Entry 165: Doll

Her melody a sure sign of your death

Best not have any regrets

The cracked porcelain face

A symbol of her fate

Don’t wander near her house

Don’t draw her ire lest she make you

Her next victim

No one is quite sure why

She is the way she is

Many are unsure how she picks her victims

Still, if you should ever gaze

Upon that porcelain face

Know that it is already too late

She’s picked you…

She will stalk you in your dreams

She will turn your nightmares into reality

You will suffer while you live

There will be no escape

Her last victim left to insanity

Taken away

Locked in a padded room

Thought to be safe

Was found evicerated!

No one was seen coming in

However upon coming out

There she was, that scarred porcelain face

She stopped long enough

To slowly look up at the camera

Then she vanished without a trace

The problem with this you see…

I was the one working that night!

You see, I felt…like she was staring at me!

My name is Linette

I fear for my safety

It sounds quite crazy


I’ve been seeing her in my dreams

She says nothing

She simply stares

It’s like she is waiting for something!

The other day I got a note

That simply read


That was it, nothing else


I’m not crazy!

I called my family, my friends

No one seemed to have a clue

They told me maybe I should stay with them

So, I took some time off of work and that’s what I did

That was something I’d wind up regretting

At first it was all fine

Then things started to unwind

I look out the window and she’d be standing there

Scared, I called my Mom into the room

I stared this thing in the face

My Mom….she said she saw nothing!

My stalker lifted a finger to her lips

As though to silence me

I asked my Mom once again, if she saw nothing

She smiled and said, I think you need some rest

Internally I cried

Something was very wrong

I headed off to bed, napping in the afternoon

When I awoke that night, she was standing over me…


I screamed and threw a punch but she was already across the room

Turning slowly, walking out the door

I saw her vanish before me

Suddenly I heard the most grim tune

Played on the family piano, just down stairs

I felt my heart sink

I slowly went down, what I found…

Destroyed me…

My Mom had a knife to her throat and a smile

Seconds after seeing me she said:

I love you honey

Then with the same demented grin she ended her life

I fell to the floor, crying

There was a bang in the study

It was clearly a gun

I ran inside to find my father dead

A single bullet

To his head

She stood over his body, staring

It was as though she were intrigued

Then she looked back up at me

The police were at my door

Breaking in, they soon began the questions

I tried to tell them that it wasn’t me

That it was a porcelain faced woman

She stalked me,

Tormenting me in dream and reality

They soon took me into the nearest station

In the interrogation room she stood in a corner staring

I wasn’t sure what to say as the police continued questioning me

So I sat in silence….

Saying nothing

I remember losing all hope

Knowing no one would believe me

I slept in the cell that night

She was there

Just on the other side…


Next day, more questions

Still no answers

Another night in a cell

She stared

A guard gave me his gun

I was confused

My stalker motioning her fingers to me

Telling me to pull the trigger

I didn’t want to

Even now…

Yet here I stand, gun in hand






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