Entry 164: It Was A Fair Trade

Oh dear Sherry

What was on your mind?

Were you right in the head

On that lonely night

You spoke of possessions

You cried your husbands name

You claimed his death

At the hands of something unseen

You said it was a demon

Come to collect his soul

That he’d made past deals

It was time for him to pay his toll

You claimed you wanted him back

That you had a plan

You said don’t worry my friend

I’ve accepted what is to become of me in the end

You see, I was a part of that deal

The old hell hounds are hot on my trail

Death is coming for me

I might as well make the most of

The time I have left

I’m going alone tonight

I will end it all

No amount of bargaining can save my soul

So do yourself a favor

Just forget me

Any feelings you might might have

Tonight I’m going to meet my end

However, I’ll save him in the end

I’ll bring him back from Hell

He was the innocent party in all of this

I  drug him to his fate

He should’ve just let me die that day

Cancer was my would be killers name

He was into things other worldy

Claimed he could save me

So on that late night

I was dying in that hospital bed

He kissed me on the lips and said it’d be okay

Said I won’t let you die today

So he left, a deal he made

A crossroads demon sealing the deal entirely

Given 5 years to make his peace

He said that’d be more than enough time

He wanted to spend every second with his lovely Sherry

I saw it all in a dream

There I was dying

Then next second I awoke just fine

Death no longer my sentencing for a time

Cancer gone

Doctors said it a miracle

However, I knew differently as she stared at me

From that dark corner

Smile, as evil as can be

She said,

I’ll come for you soon too

Your life comes as part of the cost

Of the contract we made

No worries, you’ll be given a bit more time

Long enough to linger and realize

Both your souls are damned for all of time

Your precious love broken down in Hell

There is nothing you can do

So enjoy what time you have left

That is how it will all end

In a cemetery where you’ll try to counter his fate

I’ve seen it all before

I know how this story ends

So just accept your fate

Enjoy what time you have left

Before your soul is forfeit


You are dragged to Hell

This is the story you told me

I believe it to be true

See even as you head to that cemetery

To end it all

You don’t realized I’ve made a deal too

I asked her to spare you

Take me in your place

That’s why when you get here

You’ll find me here already too

She wanted you to see what I had done

How I’d saved you from your fate

It kind of sucks because

She can’t reverse your loves fate

However she’ll take that mark of yours

Put it on me in your place

So sweetly, I see your face

You approach those old graves

Looking up, you see her and I

A demon and your best friend

Standing silently

You look on in pain

She tells you to hold up your hand

You look upon in shock

Watching as your mark

Disappears from your hand

I hold my hand up

You look on in hate

Realizing, just what happened

You see the mark that seals my fate

Forming on me instead of you

You cry tears of rage and sadness

Rushing forth as though you can change anything

I say to you

Live a full life, smile, and be happy tonight

If not for you

Then for our baby, instead

You stop in shock

Feeling your stomach

Realization hits

It all makes sense

That night we spent

It may not have made us saints

Still, I’m happy we did what we did

I tell you I love you

You cry

Watching as hands come from the ground

Dragging me into the abyss

I tell you it’s worth it

To see you live

That’s the last we see of one another

Now here I sit in Hell

Eternally forced to suffer

Writhing in pain

Thinking to myself

It was worth it in the end

I saved you and our future child too


Deals need to be made

In my opinion

-It Was A Fair Trade-


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