Entry 153: Slow Death

Spinning, it never stops

That fan, above

Always spinning


The one constant every night

I’d hoped to put up more of a fight

Yet there it is, spinning

Here I am…

Slowly, very…sl-s-slowly

Freezing to death

In this c-ccc-c-cold ice chest

Who’d have thought

I’d die in a tomb like this

A freezer, rigged to be my doom

Set to one temperature….

Slow death

Guess I shouldn’t have continued to stalk m-m-my  ex

And li-l-l-listened to her when she s-s-s-said

It’ll be a cold day in hell before you stalk me again…

-Slow Death-

Entry 152: Shadow Creek: Video 1

There’s a place they call Shadow Creek

In it lurks something

No one is quite sure what

Just that it eats whatever enters

You can hear the blood curdling screams

Of the dying as they bleed

You can find pieces of them here or there

All the evidence one could ever need

Save for…whatever is killing them

A man came out of Shadow Creek one time

He was out of his mind

He screamed of something in shadows

It was something he couldn’t describe

They committed him

Locked him away

Tried to make sense of his mad ramblings

Still, nothing made sense


In shadows it lurks

In light it resides

It is everything

It haunts me inside

*Depraved smile*




*Snaps neck*

*Retches and snaps it back in place*


In a place far away

It hears your very thoughts

Residing in Shadow Creek

It will twist your thoughts

It will creep inside your soul

Touching you


To Shadow Creek we all will go!


*Interrogators ripped in two* 

Video 1: End

-Shadow Creek: Video 1-

Entry 151: A Very Patient Witch

I creep in at night

Silent as can be

I come into your parents bedroom

So full of glee

Happily tiptoeing in shadows

Peeking out just in time

Holding up my giant knife

I get ready to carve them

Quite the surprise

A little wooden toy just for you

One for each of the children in a home

Black Winter can use a little cheer this time of year

Oh yeah, by the way

They also steal your souls and make them mine

Becoming my slaves upon your death…

I can wait…

I’m a very patient Witch

And maybe…

A bit of a bitch


-A Very Patient Witch-

Entry 150: Blue- Voices

Welcome back to The Blue Room. We are very delighted to see you again. Please, take a seat and Blue should be about to begin. Remember, drinks are on the house. 

Hello everyone, Blue again. Tonight I have a song for you about voices. It’s funny how they can influence someone. This one is about an artist named Mai and how voices influenced her every moment of life. We have rock group The Clock Strikes Midnight with us tonight to provide some vocals and hard edge to the sound.

We will also be blending that with piano and some violin. We even brought in a choir to add to the background of certain parts of the song.

So please, sit back and enjoy. I hope you like it…


I woke up this morning

They said so many things

Constantly whispering inside my head

The words of the long since dead

Never letting me truly rest

They go on and on….



Constantly whispering
Have you seen my Mom?

Always questioning
Why can no one see me?

Sometimes threatening
I’ll be the one who leads to your inevitable suicide


Endlessly torturing me, in my sleep and my wake

It doesn’t matter

They’re always there

They know me personally

They are things I sketch

Their blood

Their pain

All the suffering…



Constantly whispering
I haven’t seen her in so long.

Always questioning
You hear me though…why?

Sometimes threatening
You can end it all…just use that pencil you sketch with…or a knife…






Do you know what it’s like to have them there…


They gnaw at my mind…

It’s been going on my whole life!

IT NEVER ENDS!!!!!!!!!!!



Constantly whispering
I’m dead…aren’t I? I’ll never see mommy again?!

Always questioning
I think I’ve committed suicide…is this Hell?

Sometimes threatening
Today you will draw your suicide…tomorrow the world will see it…





I think I have a headache again…

Migraine inducing, voices still speaking…

I try to drink them away

They’re still there…WHISPERING TO ME!


So…now I guess I will……

Draw my final sketch to the world…


*Sketching furiously*

If I’m not alive to hear them…they’ll be gone…


YES! Sketch and leave that final piece signed in your own blood…

What was that?!

I hear him again

Madness inducing

My suicide looming

I produce my final sketch


Slitting my wrist and writing my name

I’ve likely signed my soul to hell anyways

Still that would be more peace

Than what I hear every second, inside of me…

The voices are fading…

Perhaps it’s finally working…

I’ll accept my fate

Everything goes black…

Then I hear them again…



Strapped to a bed….

Locked away…

I hear the voices tearing me away…

They’re still there…


I see people all in white…

They force me to take some pills,

Then to eat…

Then keep me strapped inside my bed

Locking me away…

Still, they are always there…

Pills won’t stop them…

Whispering to me…






Entry 149: Lenny

Mopping up the streets

Always on my damn feet!

I heard I got a promotion

Didn’t know that meant

I’d be running all over tarnation

Cleaning up the damned mess

Left behind after that insane

Clocktower business!

For a town that’s rebuilding itself, literally

You’d think it would have streets that ate bodies

Or at the very least drank the blood or something?

The worst part is no overtime!

I’ve been working well over 40 hours

However, the last guy who complained

Well…HR moved him to an asylum…

Night shift…

Supposed to be abandoned

However, the only thing abandoned was his body…

When they found him he had no organs

Just an empty, bleeding husk

Think anyone is going to complain now

Not old Lenny!


Entry 148: Happy Birthday

Do you see me for what I am?

Good sir, you fell for a woman named Victoria

Do you see who I am?

I’m not her

See, I love how good you are in bed

Silently thinking to myself

You don’t know with whom you sleep

Feeling your pure ecstasy

Our bodies intermingled

The tingle of you inside of me

The rush knowing you’re with me

She’s kept locked away

Your sweet Victoria you never see

I’m guessing you don’t even realize it

The way she tastes all tied up

I had a hell of a time with that slut

She was always the innocent one you know

I’ll save myself for marriage Lyla, she said

That’s what she thought anyways

So I did with her what I always do

Taking her in her sleep

Feeding on the nightmare inside

Making her question why?

See, when she sleeps is when it’s easiest to come out

Right now she watches herself

Screaming, as her innocence is taken away

That’s only half the fun though

Keeping her trapped deep within

The psychological fucking begins

I have her beaten

I have her subjected to rape

I show her so many horrible things

I smile internally as she watches and hears everything

Unhappy at the thought that I’m using her body

Appalled that you’re fucking me

MMmmmm….so sweet her screams are to me

This is her own fault

Shouldn’t have eaten me in the womb

Taking my chance at life

We could have been best friends dear sister

Now you and your man are both mine…

I’ve had fun with him the past few months

I’ve got you quite the birthday surprise

He really has fallen hard for me too

Watch closely now dear sister

This is the best part…

He’s riding me so well

He’ll come no doubt

There it is, I enjoyed that

He did too


You see him staring at my perfect body

All the while deep within your own mind

Your soul is being torutred


So many pleasurable things

How many times do you like feeling the cut of a knife?

Does it hurt being used?

Do you like that your man has no clue what is being done to you?

I hope so, because as he gazes at me I pull out a knife of my own

Back to bed, kissing passionately, I hide it under a pillow

I tie him up, blind fold your man

Begin my final ride of him

Pulling out that knife

His smile really is quite sweet

Probably thinks he’s pleasing the birthday girl

Not realizing, it’s you who has a present for him

Shame the things you are going to do to him

I let him unleash inside of me

Soon after taking that knife

Plunging it into his right eye

His screams are perfect bliss

No one is going to hear them

We sound proofed the room you and I

The perfect place to have that private sex

Doesn’t matter if you remember doing it

I whisper into his ear

It’ll be okay handsome…

I’ll take it real slow just for you

So I do

Cutting him again and again

Drinking the blood that slowly oozes out of him

It’s perfect you know

I taste the blade

Licking it slowly before I begin to stab him

Teasing him, fun foreplay I say

Slowly making sure he feels the knife slowly enter him

Pull the knife out

Do it again

I want him to feel everything

Laughing the entire time

Isn’t this fun Hun?

He tries to answer but I slowly cut out his tongue

I then go ahead and eat it


You’ll die soon enough

It’s been fun doing this for hours

You were perfect too

I tell him as I cut open his chest

Happy Birthday I guess..

Gripping and ripping out his heart

Before taking a bite of that too


He’s dead now

I call the police

Just as Black Winter PD arrive

I give you back your life

Disappearing into your mind once again

We are going to have a lot of time together sis

This is just the beginning…

Happy Birthday sis…

Do you like my present?

-Happy Birthday-

Entry 147: My Bloody Treat

Crave me

Touch me

You know you want me

I know you’re listening

Things are about to get fun

Give in to your addiction

You can’t resist it

I am what you want

You see me at night

You try to fight

There is no hope or chance

I’ve got you in my gaze

You are completely entranced

There is no escape

So just come here now

Get real close

You’ll be mine

Eternally devoted to me

Eventually doing the same thing to someone else

I am your creator

Tasting of your very specific flavor

As I bite down on your neck

Tasting your blood

Granting you immortality

I want you on your knees

Thanking me

Together we are sin

I’ve awoken the devil within

All it took was a taste

I’ll nurture you

I’ll break you

I’ll make you the slave you are to me now

I’ll build you up from the weak thing you were

Show you how wonderful immortality is

We’ll have sex

I’ll make you beg

You’ll have your face between my legs

Then when you’re ready

We’ll find a plaything for you too

It’ll be quite fun!

So submit, be a good bitch

Like a good sir

Make me moan

I’ll tease you to no end

The sin is just beginning

When you’re ready we’ll wander Black Winter’s streets

A blood fueled tag team

Together…our victims will never know what hit them.

We’ll do all this and so much more…

-My Bloody Treat-

Entry 146: The Station #1- Always On My Mind

Hey there sweet baby

How are you my pretty lady?

You caught my eye much too late

Sadly, it was fate

I can’t get you out of my mind

Thinking of you all the time

I’m a married man

You, my secret sin

Although is it really a sin, if nothing is happening?

Could these thoughts be nothing more than my mind

Happily reading into a one sided affair?

Do you realize you tear me apart?

You are a thief of hearts

Perhaps that is your intention

Maybe not?

Regardless I dream of you at night

I can’t help what my heart feels

It only became a problem when my mind agreed too

This affair one sided or not, had to end

I couldn’t just be your friend

So since you stole my heart

I ripped you open, and stole yours too!

After all it’s only fair

Now we’re even

Though sadly, I can’t get you out of my mind still

But that’s okay…

I know you’ll be there waiting for me when I get home

Your perfectly stitched corpse


Forever more

Oh…and so glad you got to finally meet

…My dead wife too…

-The Station #1: Always On My Mind-

Entry 145: The Clocktower: End Game: Part 2- Apotheosis



The world shook as I unleashed all the energy left within me

Things were about to get exceptionally violent

I could sense it

The Nightmare God was getting impatient

He came at me and I him

No sense holding back now

Our fists came together

The force was enough to shake time itself

Everything was unstable

Time was warping, still moving forwards


The world was slowing down and then speeding up

Our battle was messing with time

Was that even possible?

It could be highly dangerous

No matter, I had to finish this

Blow for blow, attacking/counterattacking

We were matched perfectly evenly

Which is one way of saying I was losing

This could not be a stale mate!

Digging deep, I found more speed, more energy for my soul

I shot forwards, and dodged his next several hundred attacks

Simultaneously counterattacking in split seconds

I felt his ribs shaking at the power of my fists

My attacks were vicious and relentless!

I unleashed lightning, fire, explosions that would level countries

He sped up, I sped up!

He increased the ferocity of his hits, I did the same

It was all about keeping ahead of him in power and speed


I landed a fist to right side of his face

He went flying, pieces of skin lost as he did


I breezed forwards in an attempted continuation of my assault!

I met him but as he flew backwards he blocked several attacks

Soon landing some of his own

I felt my body wailed on from all sides in an instant!

I must have incurred several thousand hits in mere moments

Still, I took the hits, absorbed the pain and launched it back at my foe

Nailing him in the face!

Blood flew, I attacked more, landing a few hard hits to the ribs

I could sense his pain and it was fuel to me!

Several counter punches were thrown my way

I dodged rapidly before putting a boot to his knee

The armor on his knee shattered and I heard bone crunching


That scream of pain and fury was enough to keep me going

Dodging another attack I launched into the air before coming down

I hit him with lightning twice as I came down before

Putting enough energy in my right fist to power ten nuclear warheads

I’d made impact and time restored as the world shook violently

Many were ended in that instant and I felt terrible for it but…

I couldn’t hold back if I wanted to finish this in time

I was sure of that…

I continued drilling The Nightmare God with punch after punch

We fell deeper into a crater until finally I planted a fist to his once again

He went flying deeper and I launched out of the crater and focused my energy

I let out my attack…white lightning shot towards my opponent

The world lit up, though I could not see it


I was still in the air, though I could feel everything shaking

This continued even after the smoke cleared…

To my shock he was still alive!

A wave of black lightning having shot back at me

I sensed it in time to dodge his attack


I didn’t dodge the fist to my gut that came next

Nor did I dodge the hammer of his fists together upon my back

I’m falling but I manage a flip and plant my feet into the ground

Looking up in time to see a black flame flying towards me

It is shaped like a dragon

A massively black dragon!


I have no time to react!

Summoning energy I launch to the heavens above

I’m aware this could be it for me

I see no other way

He won’t expect this I think…


I collide with his attack and drive myself straight through the ensuing explosion

I was right, he expected me to be unable to counter him

The sky is alight with flame as I surprise my enemy with a fist so powerful

It lands straight through his chest and rips out his back!

I grip his spine and rip it out with force!

Snapping it in two before landing a punch to his face and sending him downwards!

He hits the ground and I launch everything in me at him!

It’s as much out of desperation as it is hope!

I can sense the impact as I now fall to the earth below, landing with a thud

There is bits of body parts and blood everywhere…

Then it happens…

The rain stops and I sense the breeze as I hear the impossible…

His body and everything is coming together!

He has his strength back!

No….NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!


Thought it was over did you?

Not a chance…you have to wipe me from existence!

I don’t know what to do

I’m drained, and I feel helpless!

My wounds, everything is starting to hit me!

I like the look on your face…that horror…the hopeless desperation…

It suits you!

I feel the first punch and then the subsequent ones!

My body is failing, I’m literally breaking with each hit

I must hold on…


I feel the left side of my face partially breaking and caving in

I’m spiraling out of control

Every hit is a step closer to the end of everything

Must snap out of it!

Shock is taking over…my mind trying to protect me from the inevitable

No…there has to be someway to keep going…

I feel memories flooding me

The time I had with Ren

The things I’ve seen, the people I’ve cared for…

Souls hanging in the balance…

Those depending on me…

I feel something lighting up inside of me…

The next fist falls, but time is slowing for me

My left fist raises to meet his right


I’M NOT DEAD YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is another explosion of energy around us

I feel myself overflowing with more energy than ever before

Launching forwards, I unleash hell on The Nightmare God!

We are dead locked in battle once again

The world is alight with sparks of flame and lightning

Concussive force levels more of Black Winter

We launch across the battlefield of the dead fighting some more

I can sense souls still living but many are hiding at this point

We meet time and again, every hit a reminder of what we fight for

Every attack blocked, dodged, or deflected

Is quickly followed by a counterattack from each of us

This is a dance of death, someone has to die


The fight has escalated as we match one another

Flames fly, lightning fires

As our attacks meet the very fabric of reality is shaken

I can sense others realities now being affected as well

Still, I have to press on with my attacks!

There is too much at stake

Ren, I will find a way to give you and all these souls a chance

This calamitous meeting will end in the death of many


I hope it to be the start of a new hope for many when we’re through

We continue our fight, he’s gotten faster and more powerful

I’ve done the same

He will know my pain, he will know all suffering

I will wipe him from existence, and he will be no more!


Quaking, shaking, all things must come to an end

That includes the time of Gods such as this one!

Ferociously I press my attack!

I’ve hit him several times and he has landed a few hits as well

I am at a point of no return…

I don’t believe I will survive this

Nor do I care…


The intensity of our attacks is increasing

It’s evident he wants me to break and die before the 24hrs is up

I have no choice but to see him do the same!

I must find some way to end this!

I summon more energy, at this point the earth hasn’t stopped shaking

I’m not sure if Black Winter will survive our battle at all but I can’t hold back

If there’s even a tiny glimmer of hope

I must keep up the intensity!

Our battle continues…minutes seem to blaze by in seconds…


What does it take to end a God?

How much more of this can he take?

I have to be sure when I get another opportunity, to completely end him then!

The Nightmare God launches an avalanche of attacks upon me

I dodge, block and deflect them

Quickly throwing a bone crunching uppercut to his jaw

Following this up with a fist to his chest that sends him through more buildings

I pursue him and we soon engage in a CQC assault

Continuing to move and devastate the world around us

Building after building falls

Skyscrapers, small businesses, homes

It all comes crashing down or is decimated as we pass through

Thankfully it appears most places are abandoned at this point

This is quite advantageous for me

I increase power as we fly out a window of a skyscraper!

I’ve launched myself right at him and quickly planted my body into his gut!

I grip tightly and we fight spinning all the way down to the city below

The world is spinning but at the last moment we turn and land

He is planted into the earth below

Attack after attack I pummel him and tear at him

It’s not enough to break him, I must end him completely!

I leap off him and prepare to send a wave of energy at him but he gets up fast!

Diverting my attack I soon put that energy into dodging and blocking his next assault!

He will not get the best of me…


Backflipping I’m still fending off attacks from all sides when I finally land

He’s teleported high above

I sense a shift in the air

The ground below me shakes with awe inspiring intensity

The rain begins pouring again

It is heavy

I brace myself, I can sense the next attack won’t be avoided

Nor will I be able to jump into or through it

I focus all my energy on creating a barrier around me

Electricity now crackles to life around me

I keep powering the barrier around my body as I now focus on the sky above

An unending stream of lightning now rains upon my barrier

I sense a shift as his attack comes down upon me


The heat is intense!

This is not flame though…it is shadow


Time you die!

He continues to press his attack

It’s terrifying how easily he does it too

Increasing the power 100 fold with a simple thought

I can not let his attack overcome my barrier

If he does that…I’m finished!

There won’t be a me to continue…

The longer I hold on, the more powerful his attack is becoming

I’m merely losing time and wasting energy doing this

I have to find a way to end this…and SOON!


I’m unsure how long it’s been…

Trying to find a way out of this is tricky

There is another matter…if he keeps this up

Even if I can maintain my barrier

He will likely wipe out the rest of existence with him…

Refocusing I aim to strenghen my barrier and use it as a counterattack

I’m going to have to muster everything within me…

This is going to have to be it!

I have to kill him here and NOW!

There will be no more life when I’m through!

There is no hope Sara…you have lost!

Give up now, I can do this eternally!

I think we both know there is no hope for you now…


Sounds like cheap talk from a God who is about to cease to exist!

Just gotta keep his attention on what I’m saying, not what I’m doing…

I’m going to enjoy your death!

I feel his attack increase as I had hoped…

I fall silent and refocuse all my energy


I send a bolt of lightning as massive as the heavens above upon my barrier!

I sense his shift in tone…his attack increases…it’s an act of desperation!

Diverting my energy I send everything outwards!

The barrier, my lightning, my very soul goes into this attack!

I scream in defiance and my voice echoes through the heavens

His attack is swallowed whole and added to the energy of my own attack


The sky erupts and the world lights up…

The explosion is high above but the fallout shakes everything even more powerfully!

A scream of unimaginable pain…one someone gives when they’ve lost everything

The moment they know death is upon them and they can do nothing

It echoes from the skies above before it is swallowed by silence…

I fall to my knees…barely alive…

He is no more…I sense him no more…

I cry as the rain pours upon my broken soul…

Is it really over?

An explosion erupts from the skies suddenly and a mass of souls rains down upon me!

It consumes me before I know what happens…


I’m completely blind and can sense nothing at all for a moment

My body convulses and a voice in my mind takes over…



I’m alive within you…you’ve wiped the Clocktower King away which means…

You will be the Queen…I survive…you lose.

I want to fight him…I must…but like a virus he is quickly spreading within me!

I’m desperate as I feel my soul being twisted…molded to what he wants!


You have no choice…it is inevitable…

You are mine!


In an act of desperation I take my right hand and shove it through my chest…

Blood flies from my throat….


*Breathes heavily*

E…en…ending….th.this…as promised…

Before…you…have…the chance…to…take me over and…stop…me….


I wrapped my gauntlet around my heart and crushed it!


(The Devil In Black) 

I saw it, in that moment…the finality was beautiful

Sara…she had ended herself…

The world erupted with screaming….

Closely followed by the sound of relief

Millions of souls trapped in that place were now free to move on….

Some sent to Heaven, the others Hell…

All immediately sent to their place of final resting

The rain continued to pour

Blood poured from Sara’s mouth

She sat there looking to the heavens with a smile

It lasted a few moments before her soul evaporated into the air…

Like dust blown by the wind…

So long had souls been trapped in that hell

Someone finally brought an end to the madness…

A God fallen, no doubt a Goddess risen

Black Winter would survive…

Next year would be the first year Black Winter would see…

Without The Clocktower menacingly looming above

Killling mercilessly….

-The Clocktower: End Game: Part 2: Apotheosis-

Entry 144: The Clocktower: End Game: Part 1- Even Gods Bleed

The rain intensified…

The town shook…

I remember feeling my breathing in that moment


I sensed across from me, this nightmarish figure

Clad in black, face hidden

This was an amalgamation of The Clocktower and The Clocktower King

Evil, everything it put me through

I felt for the “King” for it was clear now he was just a pawn

Another victim, another cog in this twisted machine

Though I was missing an eye, and blind in the other

I felt through my senses, that I could see better than ever before

He’s coming forward at an amazing speed!

I almost respect that as he should’ve respected the fact he’s not as fast…

…As he thinks…

I can feel his movements in the rain, I can sense his positioning so when he attacks

I meet him, fist to fist!

The earth and the very air shakes around us!

I can tell he has a massive size advantage over me now

Perhaps a side effect of his recent acquisition of souls?

No matter, it will end here, one way or the other

I plan on ending him and the damn Clocktower, even if I die…

Seconds become hours as we speed along fighting one another

No doubt those below can only feel quaking with the occassional

Glimpse of us in the lightning!

Again and again we clash

The Clocktower itself is beginning to fracture again

I help it by taking advantage of a missed attack

Quickly dashing backwards before shooting like a bullet forwards

I can hear the sonic boom and feel the cracking of ribs as I land my punch

My opponent is lifted into the air

I rush past him and run up a piece of broken tower

Backflipping off I wait till I’m just above my foe

He looks up, I summon lightning and the moment it hits me

I ride it and a burst of energy straight down!

The electricity crackles through my body and around me

I’ve never felt so alive as I rush downwards

Slamming my shoulder plate into this behemoth’s chest!

A scream rings out and we shoot downwards at a wicked pace!

Straight through the center of the Clocktower we go

Eventually reaching the bottom as the lightning and my attack

Drive this God into the ground in pain

He’s bleeding as the shockwave of energy explodes outwards!

All at once the Clocktower rains down upon us…

I teleport away to what was once the entrance to this nightmare

Memories flash before my eyes as The Nightmare God quickly flies at me

He is faster now and lands a hit to my face that sends me flying!

I crash through building after building

Townspeople scream in horror as I fly through their homes and businesses

All are reduced to rubble and many die

The souls of the dead are quickly absorbed by my enemy making him more powerful!

I brace myself, planting my feet into the ground and eventually come to a stop

The Nightmare God is on top of me instantly and I plant an elbow into his fist

Earthquakes erupt, whole homes are swallowed, city blocks are swallowed whole!

Buildings a mile around implode from the shockwave of our attacks meeting

More die, he becomes more powerful…

I summon more energy and quickly engage in further combat

Attempting to keep the fight contained to this area as it’s already been wiped out

Screaming…so many dead and dying…

Black Winter can be a terrible place but this has to be one of it’s darkest moments

Zipping around we land attack after attack

I feel my right body trembling like the earth as he continues to grow stronger

The screams of the dead are a symphony to the horror this thing is capable of

I can not keep the fight in one place as he forces me to keep moving and fighting

Black Winter suffers for our battle, but I make myself a silent promise…

I will see the souls of the dead within this thing freed!

I will kill this bastard, God or no God!

Two fists thrown, one after another, I parry each

Things collapse, people die…

Our battle continues, street to street

I take a piece of fallen building in mid collapse and chunk it at my foe

He smashes through it but that was the distraction…

It is only after breaking it apart he sees me coming right at him

I hit him across the face with my fist with such ferocity I sense his body shaking

In the air itself!

I feel his blood hit me in the face as he goes flying back and attempts to regain

His footing

He plants himself and stops, meeting my next attack and stopping it!

I duck a backhand to the face but am met with follow up knee to the chin

I feel some of my teeth shatter and spit up blood and teeth as he grabs me midair

Quickly spinning me around into the earth below!

I am driven miles below before I stop with a thud that bounces my body off the ground

Leveling the rest of the pit around me

There is a crater, there is me, I struggle to get to my feet

My body wants none of it as my foe reaches me, smashing me in the back

Forcing me into the his knee, which he drives into my gut laughing all the way

I stumble back…must fight, my breathing is off


Three quick punches in succession send me dizzily backwards

It’s hard to sense him with my head being smacked around

My body feels like it’s about to break but I spit up blood and meet his hands

With my own

He throws a knee, I spin around it, before grabbing him by the throat

My left hand lifting him off the ground and throwing him down with all my force!

His body hits the earth and I quickly drive both my knees into his chest

I feel blood hit me…a God’s BLOOD!

In seconds I unleashes punch after punch upon his face

I can feel the back of his head splitting the earth

Like a nail…his head is driven into the ground by the hammer…my fists!

He grabs my right side and squeezes

I feel what’s left of a piece of my armor crunch and I scream in pain!

The right side of my rib cage is broken!

I gasp for air, my lungs aren’t in the best shape as he throws me aside like a toy!

I feel myself smash through several building but I refuse to be broken!

I plant both my gauntlets and boots into the earth stopping as pieces of my gauntlets

Break apart…

I sense him coming again but I smile as I launch myself at him!

Crack, I can feel his nose break and my own as we both manage to hit one another

Both in the face, dead center

Before we are sent spiraling out of control in opposite directions!

I bounce through rubble and roll to a stop, hitting a piece of destroyed building

Just enough to have the rest of it collapse on top of me!

I’m hurting, probably broken in all manner of ways…

I get up through and crawl out of the wreckage…

Barely standing up I sense around me

I’m able to sense him in just enough time to throw up my left wrist

I parry his attack and counterattack

Interestingly enough he shoots backwards and stops

I sense his breathing…it is heavy as well

Spitting up more blood I look in his direction

My enemy hasn’t attacked just yet…

The first hesitation I’ve seen from him possibly this entire fight

We’ve been fighting for hours…

Halloween is upon us…

*Heavy breathing*



*Vomiting blood*

Impressive…it seems you’ve made this God bleed…

No matter…it’s midnight…and that means you have 24hrs to finish this…

Halloween is here…

If I’m standing at all by the time 24hrs is up…you lose

I’ll take yourself and every soul in this town! 

I will rebuild myself…and your eternity will be SUFFFERING! HA…HA!

Well then…

*Spits out blood and a few more teeth*

What do you say we finish this?

Enough chit chat, let’s end this!

…I happen to like my odds…

So here I stand…on the edge, barely standing

Halloween is here…

…24 hours remain…

-The Clocktower: End Game: Part 1: Even Gods Bleed-