Entry 163: Lust


I see you eyeballing her

I know the things you wish to do

Forget about marriage and love

Do what you want to

She is practically begging for you to

You know she’d consent in a second

So, what do you have to lose?

Go on, go get her

I can taste your internal desire

I’m just here to give that little extra push

Consequences be damned

You want her

Yes, that’s right walk over and speak

You are friends

It’ll be easy


Here he comes

Better sit up

He’s the sort of guy you dream of huh?

Marriage, family, kids…none of that matters

If you play your cards right tonight…

You two could be lovers

I feel your nerves as he sits now

Go ahead, let the girls hang out a little

Watch how his eyes try to focus on yours

See how he subtley takes a glance here and there

Hoping you won’t notice how sometimes he stares

Do you see how handsome he is, look at that delicious body

Could you imagine if you turned fantasy into reality?

If you got him into bed?

Go ahead, make your dreams come true

Take a sip of your drink, but as you do…

Tease him, look into his eyes

Do not avert your gaze

Let him see

The desire within

What you want him to be

What do you have to lose really?


Look at how she takes that sip

She’s into every word you say

She’s practically yours for the taking

Smile, let her see what you are going to do to her tonight

Show her what she would be missing

If she didn’t give in

You devilish soul

You tempting sin

Give her what she wants

Look her up and down

Take in her whole body

Do something brazen


Take her hand

Kiss it lightly

Offer to pay for dinner

Show her you are a big spender

Do all the things, you know she wants you too


You are practically wet at the touch of his lips on your hand

Show him you like that

Maybe tease him a bit

Take your leg and lift it up

Perhaps run your foot along his leg

You both want this

Continue to give in

Feel how hard he is, when you run your foot along his crotch

Oh look, he’s paying for dinner

Quite the big spender

Let him take you to his hotel room

Both of you should unleash your desires upon one another


They’ve gone up to the room

My work here is almost done

They are having lots of fun

Fucking one another

He’s quite dominant…well at least for now

She hasn’t quite revealed her surprise

There it is, as she puts his head between her legs

Giving him something to truly desire

She takes the bible off the night stand and flips it open

Pulling out the gun, hiding hiding inside the hollowed out book

She points it to his head and when she climaxes


He’s dead in an instant

He thought them best friends

Truthfully, she’s a slave only to sex and death

Those are her lovers of choice

So the longer she is with someone

The greater she gets off

She just loves toying with emotions

It’s how she always was

My name is Lust, my work here is done

I’ve collected another soul for Hell

Lucifer should be quite happy

Oh wait, there’s one more thing

I’m working with a partner or two

Envy has the wife blind with jealousy

Tipping her off with just enough to make her follow her husband

Leaving the kids with family just for tonight

Wrath has the dear wife waiting outside the hotel room with a knife

The sociopathic killer opens the door


Deep inside her brain

Falling over dead

Wife smiling over her dead body

That’s two souls we’ve collected tonight

Our work here is done

Next time you hear us whispering into your ear

What do you have to lose?

Go head and give in

I’m sure it’s tempting to



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