Entry 161: Shadow Creek: Video 2

*Video Begins*

It whispers in my mind

Hautning me all the time

Always wanting me

To join in its depravity

It started so simple

I was a truly good girl

Straight A student you see

Perfect selection for a future scholarship

The brightest of minds

Then one day I heard something

It whispered inside my mind

It touched my soul

It felt so wrong


It told me I should prove myself to it

That I am owned

Nothing more than what it wants me to be

It said I should stay after class

Speak to the teacher that is always secretly eyeing me

That was the first time I truly gave into its will

I teased my teacher

I led him away

All the school cameras saw

Was a poor girl being raped

Well, it saw what it wanted them to see

The lights flickering

I screamed, it was in pleasure

On camera though, it showed pain

The teacher was arrested and locked up

I was sent home, told I’d be given counseling

I went inside my room

I smiled wickedly

That felt good to do

I pleasured myself

Knowing that’s what it wants

Something I’ve never seen

Yet it’s always in my thoughts

Whispering so charismatically

Raping my every thought



I SMILE for it

I wear what it wants me to

I just turned 18, a very good looking young woman

Everything I do

I do to please IT!


I’m its perfect love

Tonight, I was told I’d prove my worth to it completely



So, as the cameras will show

Including the one I speak to you through now

That’s exactly what I did!

Shall I describe it?

First I got up, oh about midnight or so

I walked through the halls

Making sure to stop and smile at every camera I passed

It says it pleases it

A real lady does this

A real lady smiles politely

Just before she kills everyone!


Silently I stalk the halls

The first room I see

My fathers study…

Mom and the others are asleep

Daddy is usually awake

Working on the next big thing

He’s an inventor

A bright mind

He truly is one of a kind

He’s the reason we can afford this mansion

So I walk into his study

He turns to me with concern

I act sad, shutting the door

Oh no, daddy’s little girl is sad

Can’t have that!

It’s almost too easy

Wrapping him around my finger

I suppose this is how every Dad is with their daughter

He hugs me

I smile

Tell him it will be okay I think

Can he do something for me?

He of course says he’ll do anything

So I ask him to smile

He does, not knowing about the knife I have

The one I’ve had secretly, hiding in my room


My smile widens more and more

Just before I say

Daddy, I love you

I do it teasingly

Feeling myself as I do

My Dad looks a little uneasy

Telling me I should get some sleep

I’m clearly not feeling okay

Trying to pass it off as another problem

To be addressed in counseling

Like some fucked up trauma or something

No Daddy, it’s not right

I’m perfectly fine

I stare at you as your back is to me now

Looking so studious at your desk

I walk up…SLOWLY!


I whisper into Daddy’s ear

I love you Daddy

Slowly massaging him as I do

Let me do things to you, Mommy won’t do…

My breath his heavy, his heart speeds up

He shoves me back

Tells me no

Says I’m clearly fucked up

I don’t like his tone

Come on Daddy

I’m your daughter, I just want to know your love

He looks disturbed

I’m internally enjoying this mind fuck!

You see there is intense arousal in power

It’s more intoxicating than sex

I eye him up and down

Smile gracefully

Okay, Daddy, you win

Can I at least get a hug?

I break down into tears instantly

Acting as though I’m having a meltdown

He of course apologizes

Thinking I’m actually just vulnerable

I’m really truly messed up

He comes in and comforts me

I smile before whispering into his ear

Oh Daddy, I love you…

I kiss him slowly on the lips

As I drive a knife into his chest

Blood is flowing, I feel great

Poor Daddy wasn’t expecting this

He was the problem though

The disease

Too moral

It’d have been better if he’d just fucked me!

These are some of the things it tells me

So as he slowly bleeds out

I set him in his chair

I get on top and force him to watch

His sweet daughter, riding him

Forcing him to do what he didn’t want

Smiling, bathing in his blood

I tell him, Daddy, you’re so good

No wonder Mother fucks you!

I wonder if I can get you to release

Before the expiration date hits…

On your life?

If we want, the world will see…

Footage of Daddy being a sick man

Betraying his own wife

Fucking his daughter

Forcing her to kill him with a knife

We won’t though, this is what it wants people to see

As they watch this, it expands its reach

Gaining new minds to toy with

Oh would you look at that…

You did release for me!

Thankfully though, you’ll die knowing…

I made you do what I wanted you to

Then I took the knife, gouged out both his eyes

His would be screams

Drowned out by choking

His own blood

Drowning out what little life was left

I got off of him, looked into the camera

Smiling my best

That’s what a proper lady would do!

His blood still warm on my body

I leave the room

I soon head to Mommy’s room

Opening the door slowly

Mommy I say, looking so vulnerable



Mommy shot up with a shock

Not sure what was happening


She looked at me, saw the trauma in my eyes

The way I shook

It was the perfect act as she ran past me

Checking on my little sister first

This would be perfect

As she turned back around

I now stood, smiling, like a lady

Taking my knife and driving it into her right eye

I turned on the light to the bedroom

Soon smiling at my sister, only 13

Before pulling out the knife from my convulsing Mommy!

I carved a smile into her face and smiled at sister too

She was in shock

I was creating art

That’s what artists do…

Ironically, that’s what I always wanted to do…


Oh would I too!

Little sister tried to run

I couldn’t have that so I caught her and smashed her head

Straight through the mirror across from her bed

Knocking her, up a bit…she’d live

I wasn’t through with Mommy yet…

So I went to my room, got some rope

Little things I used for art, my camera too

Came back, tied sis up

Made sure she was face down

Then, I went back to fucking Mommy up!

I took a hammer and smashed both her knee caps

That got her to scream!


Her screams were pure ecstasy!

I soon took the rest of the rope, tied her to the bed post

Making sure it was super tight, so she would die, nice and slowly…

I may have sped things up, in the interests of art

Cutting open her chest and ripping out her heart!

Just before I did though, I told her all about how I fucked Daddy!

My sister woke up, terrified as ever

I put the heart in front of her face

Telling her to eat it…

She said no at first…

But I can be persuasive…

I took my blood soaked knife and slowly pressed it between her thighs

Whispering into her ears…

How’d you like to lose your virginity?

Tears streamed down her face

I licked them off slowly

She took a bite

Vomiting immediately

I smiled and told her lick it up

She tried…

Crying the entire time

So I laughed, grabbing her phone

Calling 911

Screaming that they needed to send someone immediately

Then I hung up

Took my camera, and took some photos for fun

Memories you know…or some shit like that…

Then I debated taking my knife and raping my shivering sister with it

But, where is the fun in that?

I want her to live…to be traumatized for life

I want her to keep asking why?

Eventually survivors guilt will set in

She’ll have PTSD

I’ve fucked you up in so many ways

I say with glee!

You’ll spend your entire life…suffering psychologically!

Then I left, headed for Shadow Creek

Taking only my camera and a small hand held one too

To record this confession…because it tells me too!

It says it has a special gift

Just for me


*Video End*

-Shadow Creek: Video 2-

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