Entry 160: SinisterStoryTime #7: I Love You

I see you sleeping

Every single night

I see the way you wash yourself

When you think you are alone

I’ve seen you pleasure yourself to porn

Oh how lovely it is as you stroke yourself in bed

Thinking, I’m safe, all alone at home

I will admit, I really wanted to jump in

Not just yet though

A real lady waits her turn

I ponder, if you ever think of me?

The shy gal from work

Did you know, I made a copy of your keys

The one day you said they were lost

Pinning the note to the office lunch room wall

I softly giggled to myself thinking

I’ll return your keys soon

Off I went to make the copy

Upon doing so, leaving the keys on your desk again

You asked around the office

I never admitted it was me

So you said thank you to your anonymous savior

Inside I felt myself grow warm

Was this love?

Time would tell

I sent you flowers, anonymously of course

That was back during Valentine’s Day

You know, when Betty openly showed interest

I did some shopping that night

A nice axe, some things to torture the bitch with

Needless to say when she was on the news the next day

It wasn’t for her looks

Body parts everywhere

No one the wiser that it was me

A message in her blood that simply read

I love you

Still left them with no clue

The media assuming it was some crime of passion

Which was quite true



The message left had no real address

I kept it anonymous

Hoping you’d somehow sense it was from me to you

A love letter, for which you would get more soon

Remember that night you invited Sally inside your home?

Not very lady like was she when she took advantage of

Your drunken state

You poor innocent man


It really was a beautiful thing when I followed her home

Sneaking silently behind her

A bat in hand

I knocked Sally out and dragged her into her home

She would need to pay for the sins she committed

No one should take your innocence

You sweet lonely man

I’ll show you in time

You’ll be mine

As for Sally, it’s a lovely place she has

Out in the the country, all safe and warm

No one to bother you

No one to hear your scream

It was a truly beautiful thing when I chopped her to bits

I pinned her heart to the wall and wrote I and you around it

Black Winter PD were growing suspicious of you by this point

I made sure that there was no evidence to convict anyone

My methods are messy

I’m organized where it counts

Rest assured there will be no DNA evidence

Linking anyone to that whore’s death

I wonder if secretly you can sense my love for you yet?

Jennifer was fun

I saw her staring at you from across the way

So that night I ended her life

Making her into a stew

Leaving behind in blood:


Jennifer stew was all the rage at the pot luck the next day

This was of course before

The police realized she was missing

I saw you eat her too

You even told me I did well

That you enjoyed my cooking and wondered

What I did to make the food so good?

I smiled shy and said

I used love

So now I stand Thanksgiving having just passed

Watching you like I have been

Over the past few months

Wanting to tell you how I feel


You’re in the shower now

So I think I’ll make my move

I’ll leave you the chocolates with a note that reads


I Love You

Here you come from the shower

I lay hiding in wait

I dropped all my clothes

Standing naked in the closet just behind you…

Watching you…taking you in…

I can sense your instant dread

The moment you see the note

Still, I can’t help myself

I slowly open the closet behind you

Silent as can be

You turn around and see my naked body

Still in shock

Probably from how good I look

You can’t seem to do anything

I move in real close

Kissing you as I do

You’re still in shock

I begin making out with you

You are so hard and so firm

Unable to resist

You take me to bed and we go at it

It’s a beautiful thing

True love finally made

I confess my sins

Tell you everything

You punish me in return

I love the way it feels

A turn on to say the least

We go at it again and again

We can’t help ourselves!

I knew the first moment I saw you

I chose right

You were the man for me

It was love at first sight…in my eyes

Eventually we married

Our honey moon was truly fun

We’d made a habit of inviting attractive others

Into bed with us

We’d had a good time for sure

Always being careful as we decided if they’d die

Our honey moon was one such time

A woman named Vanessa, she was fun

Quite the attractive red head

She seemed to have a real thing for the both of us

Still, a slut she was and die she would for her sins

That was what she got for cheating on her husband!

We kill together you and I

We make the perfect team

Eventually we even made a baby

Our little boy is the sweetest

One day he’ll learn about…

…True love too…

-SinisterStoryTime #7: I Love You-



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