Entry 159: Dance

I dance

Gliding across the floor

My moving intended to leave what is watching

Lost within a trance

I dance

Still I must dance some more

Lest I begin to lose, those closest to me like before

The last time I stopped so did my fathers life

Ended by a knife

Slowly cut up from the inside


I know this makes no sense


I’m not even entirely sure a knife was the weapon

I couldn’t see anything, except him torn apart slowly

Nothing there, cuts appearing everywhere

I was told by the dark voice echoing in the dance hall


The voice…so cold

Don’t stop, or another family member will die

When I run out…your death will be next

Yours will be the most painful

…The slowest…


I try to think to myself

How happy we felt


The day we bought this place

A mansion, seemingly at a steal

I think I knew then, this couldn’t possibly be real


What choice did I have?

I had my family to take care of

Most of all, my sick Dad

*Stubs toe, stops for a second before starting again*


*Neck Snapping*


I dance

Tears streaming down my face

Looking up as I dance

I see my dead mothers body


I’m not sure for how long

But I’ve been dancing for quite some time

Will it end?

Is there even a chance to save

My husband, myself

Our unborn baby too?!

Or am I just supposed to dance…

Till I drop dead

Taking my loved ones with me?

If circumstances weren’t what they were

This could be a most beautiful scene

The music that plays is quite lovely you see

I try to envision decades past

A time when many danced these halls

That’s cut off though by visions of my dead family

The sight of my still hanging Mom

The way the air has grown colder

Deep within the room

Suddenly the sound of crying echoes while the music plays

It’s the sounds of our first child’s last breaths

The day they died, in the car accident

I dance a dance of sorrow

I dance like there is no tomorrow

Dancing with all my might

Trying my best, silently praying I’ll be given leave

To finally stop dancing

I try to ignore the change in tune

The way the music becomes warped

How our first child died

Something isn’t right, my concentration is broken

I make a misstep

I hear a gunshot

My husbands body falling to the dance floor

I shriek

However I don’t stop dancing

As I glide around his body

It sits in the middle of the floor

Suddenly I’m over come with a flood of memories

I see my Dad, cutting himself

He was always great at hiding the knife

I always turned a blind eye, sick of taking care of him…

He was already dying anyways…

I dance

This couldn’t possibly be me?!

More memories…

Dad died, partially because of my neglect

No one realized, till after he was dead

Finally having cut the wrong part of himself

Bleeding out instead

My mother…she had lost it

She…no, this couldn’t possibly be…

Hung herself inside the living room closet

Having pleaded for help

Her only husband, death brought on by himself

We went for a drive…I had been drinking

Wrecking, our son died

My husband stepped out of the wreckage

Realizing only now, that I was drunk

Not realizing, I had another son on the way…

He pulled out his weapon…

Shooting himself

That’s when I noticed it…

I was bleeding out…

My unborn baby was dead…

I was slowly dying…

Gasping my dying breaths

Slowly vomiting blood

Realization hits

I’m dying

Which means I’m now dead

That’s the moment I thought back to what I always did best

I danced…

It was how I used to cope

Now I remembered everything

How I hurt myself

My depression

How little I cared

My unborn child actually the result of an affair

Now I dance, eternally


My favorite thing to do

Turned against me forever more

An ironic but fitting punishment for me

Everything changes…

What was I thinking before?

What a beautiful dance hall

I dance



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