Entry 158: Ticking

Do you hear that ticking?

It’s driving me insane

I thought it was the dog

Eventually I bashed in its brain

The ticking…

It didn’t stop

My best friend Sam came over one day

He asked me if I was okay

I told him about the ticking

I told him how I wanted it to stop

Next thing you know

I’m holding my glock

Sam is dead on the floor

Having been shot

Still, I hear that ticking

It won’t go away

Even as I dispose of Sam’s body

The noise still grates away

I try to sleep, but it never comes

Sun rise, sun set…

Time and time again

Still the ticking continues

Slowly breaking down my psyche

My family will be over for Thanksgiving soon

I was preparing the turkey

Using a special seasoning indeed

It was blood, from my friends body

I seasoned it up, the family thought it was a treat

Still, the ticking never ceased

I got up about midnight and took an axe to my entire family!

It wasn’t their fault, I’m not sure why I did what I did

Still, the ticking persisted

I cut up the bodies, cooked the meat

What I couldn’t cook, I put in the deep freeze

Leftovers are truly a wonderful treat

I’ve prepared myself a meal

The ticking never stops

I pray a prayer of thanks for the food my family has provided

As I do, I swear I see them sitting at the table with me

I hear a knocking at the door

I guess I should answer it

I debate if I should kill whoever it is

It’s my beautiful neighbor

She’s so sweet

I’d be extremely into her if I didn’t prefer a different type of meat

Still, I invite her in

Allow her to hang her coat

I have a knife in hand

The ticking says, maybe I should hold off on the killing

I invite her to sit down,

She claims herself famished

She eats the meal, a most delightful smile

Claiming she’s been into me for a while

I was going to tell her I’m gay

However she interrupts me

She says,

You have done so much for me

It’s very nice of you

I guess you must’ve enjoyed the cake I recently baked for you

The secret ingredient a special type of parasite

Once ingested, it makes itself at home inside your brain

It begins sending a signal to make you obey

*Stands up slowly and walks over to John*

I know, because I am their queen

You will make a perfect host for the eggs inside your brain

Once they hatch, you will die a slow painful death

However, not before you make me pregnant

*Kisses John slowly*

So Happy Thanksgiving my sweet sir

A day early it may be I still think we should take this party

To another place…

How about your bedroom?

We are going to have fun straight through Thanksgiving!

So what do you say?

The ticking grows inside my mind

I can’t say no

Oh well…

At least I know from where the ticking comes from…

Deep inside my brain


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