Entry 156: Keep Her Eyes Open

Keep her eyes open

Don’t let her blink

Keep her eyes open

Don’t let her sleep

Keep her eyes open

Keep her entertained

If she blinks

You will know

Something wicked will come for your soul

If she sleeps

The world will change

Your death will happen very slowly

If the world changes and you die

Your eternity she will decide

She knows your every memory

She knows your every thought

She knows exactly how to pick you apart

Her eyes open wider than the moon above

She stares at her victims

Motionless, save for turning her head

Following your every step

Don’t bother to go behind

She’ll snap her neck and follow you

Keep her eyes open

With your own misery and pain

Cut yourself, shoot yourself

Do whatever you have to do

Just don’t kill yourself

Or that will mean your eternal doom

If you can keep this up for 3 nights

She’ll stop following you

And await her next victim instead

You’ll know it is all okay

When she smiles wide

Revealing her razor sharp teeth

You’ll then hear the screams

Of her still born baby

Because you see

She needs to feed

In her mind

The baby inside her…

…Is still breathing…

-Keep Her Eyes Open-

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