Entry 154: My Sweet Addiction

The things I do, I do for you

All the love and care

How I tried to build you up when you were down

Only to be ignored the moment he came back into your life

Did it feel good that night when you took your knife

Burying it deep inside?!

Did you love the way the blood flowed as my heart slowly died

Killing me slowly, the entire fucking time?!

I felt every slow stab

Part of me loved it

I am not gonna lie

Every emotional moment, a new twist of the knife

Slowly cutting me up inside

As you happily ended my life

One beautifully placed word at a time!


I know you loved it, I saw it in your eyes

The day I died!

You played so coy and so sweet

Oh, you were the perfect killer really

Acting innocent, playing so kind as can be

You lured me in, building me perfectly again

I knew it then, though I couldn’t stop

You were always going to kill me in the end

My sweet poison, my beautiful addiction

Twisting my every emotion with your words

Playing me like an idiot who just needed to think you cared

I’m sure it was quite beautiful really

I knew the entire time, you were spewing nothing but lies

However, I couldn’t stop

I needed to know you were there

I needed to pretend you cared

Love, the most dangerous emotion of all

I couldn’t stop caring

What is really fucked up, is how you stabbed me slowly


Shredding me to tiny pieces

Psychologically toying with me

All the time never truly giving a care

I knew it, but why could I not stop then?

Why couldn’t I run away?

I knew you were the death of me and yet still…

Here I was, trying to be there for you…

You were in my very mind

In my soul

I couldn’t get rid of you!

You were the sweetest drug of all

I, an addict!

That’s why, as I died

I looked you in the eyes

Wanting an answer for how one could be

So full of manipulation and deceit?

So charismatic, that they could bring me to stay knowing

They were going to kill me in the end

To still want to care, letting you take the knife to me

A willing sacrifice

Death, no real escape

For after you stabbed me in the heart

Laughing all the way

Every piece of the pain as you picked apart my flesh

Devouring it,

Some part of me still cared

I was still addicted to wanting your love

Even knowing I never had it

So after I died

I came back to get him

Slowly watching him at night

Getting to truly understand the one you used to toy with me

The other puppet in your life

The one worth killing me for

Then when the moment was right

I came to him one night

I recorded every thing…


The way I chained him to the chair

Then took my own knife

Slowly licking his face

Cutting him to pieces

Oh I stared him in the eyes

The shock on his face when he realized

His death was at the hands of his best friend

The one he was betrayed by in the end

A long dead ghost

Now I slowly picked apart his flesh

Embracing the drops of blood that came from every cut

Letting him bleed!

Tearing him apart slowly!

I made sure everything was so perfect in the end

Making sure he knew how deeply personal this was for me



Then to my surprise

You were already there

Watching the entire time

You were filled with so much glee

The perfect killer having turned me…

Into a monster just like you

Once again, you had won

I was yours to do with what you wanted

Even in death you had won

Manipulating all you come across

You slowly whispered in my ear

You’re eternally mine to do with what I want

Look at the monster I’ve made you become

Be a good pet my dear

Feel the sweet anguish I still bring to you

Take the knife to yourself again and again

Feel me slowly killing youΒ 

Do this eternally my sweet

Die again and again for me

You are my plaything in death as you were in life

Mine to happily toy with eternally


Your Sweet Addiction

-My Sweet Addiction-

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