Entry 148: Happy Birthday

Do you see me for what I am?

Good sir, you fell for a woman named Victoria

Do you see who I am?

I’m not her

See, I love how good you are in bed

Silently thinking to myself

You don’t know with whom you sleep

Feeling your pure ecstasy

Our bodies intermingled

The tingle of you inside of me

The rush knowing you’re with me

She’s kept locked away

Your sweet Victoria you never see

I’m guessing you don’t even realize it

The way she tastes all tied up

I had a hell of a time with that slut

She was always the innocent one you know

I’ll save myself for marriage Lyla, she said

That’s what she thought anyways

So I did with her what I always do

Taking her in her sleep

Feeding on the nightmare inside

Making her question why?

See, when she sleeps is when it’s easiest to come out

Right now she watches herself

Screaming, as her innocence is taken away

That’s only half the fun though

Keeping her trapped deep within

The psychological fucking begins

I have her beaten

I have her subjected to rape

I show her so many horrible things

I smile internally as she watches and hears everything

Unhappy at the thought that I’m using her body

Appalled that you’re fucking me

MMmmmm….so sweet her screams are to me

This is her own fault

Shouldn’t have eaten me in the womb

Taking my chance at life

We could have been best friends dear sister

Now you and your man are both mine…

I’ve had fun with him the past few months

I’ve got you quite the birthday surprise

He really has fallen hard for me too

Watch closely now dear sister

This is the best part…

He’s riding me so well

He’ll come no doubt

There it is, I enjoyed that

He did too


You see him staring at my perfect body

All the while deep within your own mind

Your soul is being torutred


So many pleasurable things

How many times do you like feeling the cut of a knife?

Does it hurt being used?

Do you like that your man has no clue what is being done to you?

I hope so, because as he gazes at me I pull out a knife of my own

Back to bed, kissing passionately, I hide it under a pillow

I tie him up, blind fold your man

Begin my final ride of him

Pulling out that knife

His smile really is quite sweet

Probably thinks he’s pleasing the birthday girl

Not realizing, it’s you who has a present for him

Shame the things you are going to do to him

I let him unleash inside of me

Soon after taking that knife

Plunging it into his right eye

His screams are perfect bliss

No one is going to hear them

We sound proofed the room you and I

The perfect place to have that private sex

Doesn’t matter if you remember doing it

I whisper into his ear

It’ll be okay handsome…

I’ll take it real slow just for you

So I do

Cutting him again and again

Drinking the blood that slowly oozes out of him

It’s perfect you know

I taste the blade

Licking it slowly before I begin to stab him

Teasing him, fun foreplay I say

Slowly making sure he feels the knife slowly enter him

Pull the knife out

Do it again

I want him to feel everything

Laughing the entire time

Isn’t this fun Hun?

He tries to answer but I slowly cut out his tongue

I then go ahead and eat it


You’ll die soon enough

It’s been fun doing this for hours

You were perfect too

I tell him as I cut open his chest

Happy Birthday I guess..

Gripping and ripping out his heart

Before taking a bite of that too


He’s dead now

I call the police

Just as Black Winter PD arrive

I give you back your life

Disappearing into your mind once again

We are going to have a lot of time together sis

This is just the beginning…

Happy Birthday sis…

Do you like my present?

-Happy Birthday-

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