New Schedule/A Note

Hey everyone…sorry if it’s been hard to keep up. I have been doing a TON of writing and there’s never enough time. So, I’m going to fix that (I hope) to some degree. I’m not sure how many of you know this but I keep up with Twitter, WP & YT.

My typical days include working, coming home, writing for both my blogs, attempting to read people’s stuff here on WP and try and comment when possible. Then I’m on Twitter (which is very important not just for my blog but the other aspect I do) keeping up with those who follow me. This is a 24/7 thing. I also try and go on YouTube and watch and give my feedback on much of the horror narration community there. Then, there’s the writing I’m doing for YT narrators. As well as the whole being a Dad, life, etc…

Even as an extreme insomniac, it makes things super hard to keep up with here. I apologize for that. So, I’m changing my schedule to accommodate you lovely souls here on WP. I love you all! In order to better be able to read and comment both my main blog (this one), and my 2nd blog will now be posted to on a Monday through Friday basis instead of Mon-Saturday like it used to be.

I will be using Saturday to try and catch up on/comment on your lovely souls works of writing. Sunday’s are flexible…but I likely won’t be on WP as Sunday’s are usually my day off (sort of because I don’t really get an actual day off lol). Sorry if I haven’t been around as much and know I love and appreciate all of you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 


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