Entry 147: My Bloody Treat

Crave me

Touch me

You know you want me

I know you’re listening

Things are about to get fun

Give in to your addiction

You can’t resist it

I am what you want

You see me at night

You try to fight

There is no hope or chance

I’ve got you in my gaze

You are completely entranced

There is no escape

So just come here now

Get real close

You’ll be mine

Eternally devoted to me

Eventually doing the same thing to someone else

I am your creator

Tasting of your very specific flavor

As I bite down on your neck

Tasting your blood

Granting you immortality

I want you on your knees

Thanking me

Together we are sin

I’ve awoken the devil within

All it took was a taste

I’ll nurture you

I’ll break you

I’ll make you the slave you are to me now

I’ll build you up from the weak thing you were

Show you how wonderful immortality is

We’ll have sex

I’ll make you beg

You’ll have your face between my legs

Then when you’re ready

We’ll find a plaything for you too

It’ll be quite fun!

So submit, be a good bitch

Like a good sir

Make me moan

I’ll tease you to no end

The sin is just beginning

When you’re ready we’ll wander Black Winter’s streets

A blood fueled tag team

Together…our victims will never know what hit them.

We’ll do all this and so much more…

-My Bloody Treat-


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