Entry 142: The Clocktower: Soul Resistance

I shot forward

My scythe and his sword impacted

Sparks flew, I could feel the electricity in the air

Three attacks, I could only deflect on sense

My fist soon after smashing into his chest

The force enough to level a small city, merely revealed

The King wore armor beneath that cloak

His counterattack was fast

Everything he did was fluid but I was able to deflect

Thousands of attacks all in the blink of an eye

I’d learned to channel my pain, my fury


I’d lost myself in an energy I never knew I had

I felt my rage seep through my very blood

I controlled it as I shot forwards for my next attack

Just as I thought, he was going to use that sword

He seemed to ready his stance,

I was going to have to do something completely unexpected

So rather than dodging or avoiding him

I sped up…

I got through, knocking his sword from his clutches with my scythe

The force of the collision of the two weapons sent both weapons flying away

I didn’t care as I impacted, hand on his throat

Another fist impacting several times into his chest plate!

The force of my attack had sent him flying into the wall of the Clocktower

There were screams coming from the walls as I continued my attack!

I felt his armor start to cave…

Throwing another fist I heard a shattering and felt my hand go through his armor

I had gone straight through one end of the armor and out the back!

I was in shock as I pulled back and watched him fall to a knee, silent…

Had I only hit shadows?

A black energy radiated from the hole, but it was nothing solid

It was the same type of energy that had erupted from his body initially


The Clocktower King stood once again and soon a voice came from him

It was heavy, filled with sorrow, and yet it was something so powerful…

I nearly was brought to my knees simply from the sound of it

If you ever hope to kill me…you will need to destroy my very soul…

Do you know how to destroy a soul my dear?

The entire Clocktower began to grow dark…

I could feel my soul shaking under the pressure of this new power

Struggling to stand, I felt myself stabbed through the gut…

Pinned to the wall before I could blink

The very blade that killed and consumed Ren was about to do the same to me…

Was it all for nothing?

I coughed up black bile…

This is where it ends my dear…I’d hoped this would end differently…

The Kings sword was ripped from my abdomen

I struggled to keep standing…

Everything slowed down as I coughed up more blood…


I’m not sure what happened, or how…

It could’ve been my will to live…or my wish to avenge Ren…

In a flash the Clocktower Kings blade came towards my neck

Slightly faster were my hands…

I was still weak, barely hanging on…but something in me…

Fought to live…something caught that blade

I felt several blows to my face, one making my head bounce off a wall…

Any attempt at finishing me was stopped somehow though

A few more shots to my open wound

Another attempt with the Kings blade caught just in time

I wasn’t sure how this was happening, but it wouldn’t last long…


I fought with what little life was left in me…

A blade less than an inch from my throat

I fell to my knees as he continued to try to finish me

My arms shook, my hands in a prayer like stance

Shakily holding the blade from finishing me…

Every second my breathing grew heavier…more desperate…

I was on the edge, the Clocktower King knew this…

I closed my eyes, mustered everything left in me and fought to hold on!

A pulsating energy shot through my soul…it lasted for a second…

Then grew slowly…steadily

My teeth were chattering, I was sweating, bleeding out…

All signs pointed to my untimely end and yet as this energy grew…

I felt myself gaining strength…my wound slowly healing

Leaving just another scar on my soul

I didn’t understand what was happening but soon a white aura grew around me

The Clocktower wasn’t dark any longer, it glowed

Half enshrouded in light and half in darkness

A single line of light began to appear within the Kings blade…

A fracture that soon splintered and branched off

I was consumed with a peaceful energy that soon exploded outwards!


I pulled the blade sideways and it snapped!

My scythe appeared suddenly and I planted it into the Kings face!

The remnant of his blade fell to the floor and shattered

There was a violent shaking within the Clocktower and I stood up

I was consumed by this power until I felt a white armor form around my body

The Clocktower King fell to his knees and sat that way, looking up…

The Clocktower itself continued shaking, souls screamed and writhed in pain

It was as though the world itself were going to shatter


The voice that spoke was not the Kings…rather it was like millions of voices

All at once, but quite familiar…

It was The Clocktower itself…

Red lightning shot down and hit the Clocktower King…

An explosion erupted, sending my scythe flying into the wall

It was soon enveloped by the Clocktower itself…as though it was feeding on it…

A mad cackling of billions of voice came forth from the King who now stood

The world stopped shaking as the King stood up…


A helmet soon clasped around my face from my armor and I braced myself…

You can’t slay a God!

I didn’t wait for it to speak again…I shot forward

We met in the center of the tower…

Gauntlet to gauntlet…shaking the tower and the world itself!

-The Clocktower: Soul Resistance-


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