Entry 141: The Clocktower: Beginning Of The End

I have a tale to recount…

The past few days have left me in a haze

My name is Sara…and I stand here on the edge

Halloween day…

I’m here to recount what happened, over the past few days…

This…was the beginning of how it all ended…

Ren no longer had eyes…I was shocked when I first saw this…

He didn’t seem to concerned though

We stood there, on that ever raising platform and I didn’t understand it at the time…

But something in his voice should have forewarned me of the inevitable

Sara, I’m going to get you out of here…I promise…

I said nothing, only cut off part of my robe and wrapped it around Ren’s head

I didn’t want to stare into those empty eye sockets

It hurt me to see him in any pain, but I knew how scarred I was myself…

The platform stopped and I found myself staring at a cloaked figure in black

Sitting on a throne of skull and bones

I knew then, we had made it…

Here sat The Clocktower King

The air was cold, the room completely silent

He sat there motionless for a moment

It was as though we were viewing a moment frozen in time

I was soon taken by surprise

Ren jumped in front of me…for some reason I hadn’t sensed the attack

I swear the figure hadn’t moved but Ren took the brunt of the attack

His chest now had an open wound

He bled, smiling the entire time

Sara, focus! I can’t get you out of here if I’m dead too!

I nodded, he brought forth a flame and cauterized his wound

Then there was a shift in the air

An explosion of power

Screaming emanated from the walls and the throne as our attacker now stood up…

The King was a force I can barely describe

He stood and it was as if the souls of all damned in the Clocktower itself stood also

He stepped forward and the very fabric of time itself appeared to shake

The Clocktower King said nothing but a furious black energy radiated from him

He drew a sword and pointed it towards us

We prepared our scythes and launched forth

No hesitation in our attack

Our scythes met his blade and as he parried our attack

We split

Ren attacked from one side, I the other

We didn’t need to speak a word, we were in perfect synchronicity

I swore our attacks landed at the same time but somehow he was able to parry

Two sides at the same time and force us to leap back

In a split second Ren was blocked an attack

Was then punched in the gut and narrowly avoided being split into two!

Suddenly I was attacked only barely able to react

I avoided a stab from my attackers blade

Ren was already on the attack again

I tried to take advantage of this, and counterattack

The shadowy figure merely parried our attacks and launched us both back

It was like child’s play to him as we attacked again and again

We narrowly survived near death impacts several times

The hooded behemoth before us, gracefully blocking and attacking with great ease

What were we supposed to do against a foe like this?

It was as though he were merely toying with us

Ren and I ran across the circular walls dodging attack after attack

Before he launched fire, I ice, and quickly we attacked from the opposite sides

Position in such a way as so we timed a 4 way attack

It all came together so perfectly…except he absorbed the ice and flames

Forming it around him to stop our own counterattacks

We cut the wall of ice and flame in two only to find it exploded like a trap

Flying backwards I landed on the wall, looking for the King only to see

Ren stabbed through the chest, violently


I felt myself turn blind with rage!

An energy I’d never had before erupted from me!

I launched off the wall, the blade was ripped from Ren’s chest

He fell to the ground, on all fours, coughing up blood

I came down with my scythe, the King dodged to the side

He counter attacked but I blocked his attack from behind with my own scythe

Half crouched between the King and Ren…

I spun and sliced but he dodged back to his throne just in time


I expected the Clocktower King to attack again but instead he just stood there

Silently…as though he was waiting for my next attack

Perhaps he was giving me a moment to grieve…but why?

Up till this point, he had been fairly intent on attacking


*coughs up blood*

Sara…I’m sorry…

No Ren…don’t be…it’s not your fault…

I felt the tears fall from my face

Ren tried to speak again but he only wound up coughing up more blood

I put my finger to his lips…

Shh…don’t struggle my friend…

Just remember…I always loved you…

A smile graced Ren’s lips and I watched as he faded away

His soul quickly absorbed into The Clocktower King’s blade

I let go of Ren’s body and turned my scythe towards my enemy…

I swear to you…if it’s with my own dying breath…

I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An untamed, enormous amount of energy resonated from my body

The Clocktower King stood motionless, waiting…

I didn’t know it at the time, but deep down he was hoping

…I made good on my promise…

-The Clocktower: Beginning Of The End-


Author’s Note: Hey guys, apologies for the disappearance. I’ve been sick among other things. I just wanted to say there are 4 Entry’s left in this series, and apologies I wasn’t able to keep to my initial scheduling. Thank you so much for your patience and continued support. The scheduling will resume as normal from this point on. Monday-Saturday a new Entry will be posted. Just wanted to update you and I hope you enjoy the conclusion to The Clocktower. Thank you for reading! ^_^


13 thoughts on “Entry 141: The Clocktower: Beginning Of The End

    • Thank you for reading and for your thoughts. Yes, the King is in his own way a tormented figure himself. I’m thinking in the future of doing a side series to properly elaborate on him but for the purposes of this story, he has a very integral but also less fleshed out part.

      Have a very Happy Halloween! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

    • Haha! Because of my hiatus I won’t get to finish it on Halloween lol. That’s why when that Entry starts, she speaks from where she’s at on Halloween, but then goes back and explains what’s happened up to that point.

      I try to experiment with ways around things (like my hiatus). Final Entry in The Clocktower series should be Friday. ^_^

      Sorry, I couldn’t finish it in the intended scheduling manner.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you SOOOoooooo much! I don’t know, maybe one day. Who knows. I have SOOOooooo much writing I work on outside of WP, you have no idea?!

      I have less than no time at all (if that’s even possible). Xp

      I do plan on elaborating on The ClockTower King more in the future in a potential prequel series at some point. There’s more to know about that guy than the very brief summarization he gets in this story.

      I’m extremely humbled and flattered that you think I should write a novel. Who knows what might happen one day. At any rate, I wanted to say thank you for always reading and for commenting. I am slowly catching up with the writing of others (on WP) and sorry for the hiatus. I do intend on catching up on some of your stuff as well. I promise I haven’t forgotten you and I don’t want you thinking so.

      I hope you have an amazing day and thanks so much for the support. 🙂

      Cheers! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

      • You’re welcome, and you should write a novel about The ClockTower King. I still see him as this sexy, dark brooding guy lol

        I know what you mean about having a lot of writing to do. I feel the same way =(

        Of course! I didn’t think you forgot about me :3 We all get busy with that thing called, “Real Life” hahha. You have a great day, too^^

        Liked by 1 person

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