Entry 140: The Clocktower: Future King?

Sitting here atop my throne

I watch the battle unfold below

Ren, having just taken a suicidal chance

Sara, handling herself quite well

Both deadlocked in battle

I ponder, could it be…Ren could become the future king?

Or perhaps…Sara, will be the first Clocktower Queen?

I sit here endlessly in pain

My suffering driving me to insanity

This place, using me as a fuel source of agony

I watch as Ren looks ahead, hoping The Kid is dead

It is not so, he doesn’t see

As long as the woman Sara fights lives

There will be no stopping The Kid

So he hangs on, struggling to survive…

He’s quite weak

I can sense him losing his grip

Just barely keeping up

Soon he’ll lose it all if Sara doesn’t fell the woman

In her own vicious battle

Time is against them both…

Soon the Clocktower will leave

Trapping these two eternally

Were there any chance of an escape

They have to end this battle before them with great haste!

Sara, I wonder now

As you fight this mere representation the Clocktower has made

Are you willing to do what it takes…are you prepared to give up everything?

That is what you will have to do, if you hope to save Ren from impending doom

You see, if you survive the battle, get to me in time…

It is then a potential decision awaits

Fell me, then which one of you takes my place?

I see you fighting with an extreme ferocity

Perhaps you will both be able to rival me?

Standing on survivals edge

You refuse to give up Ren

Though you no longer have eyes

You still fight The Kid

I’m impressed to say I think you are better blind

Maybe it’s the instinctive will to survive

Or perhaps it is your love for Sara?

Somehow though you continue to fight

Scythe to claws, a downright hellish assault

Dodging so gracefully, attack after attack

Finally finding openings

You defy the reality before you

Still, even as you have landed some cuts on The Kid

The true battle is just beginning

He is shaking The Clocktower itself

Drawing more power from my suffering

The Kid’s infinite strength

His ever increasing speed

It is drawn from me!

The Clocktower is downright evil

Using me as its infinite energy source

Never letting me die!

It strategically keeps Sara busy with a mere puppet of itself

All the while brining you Ren, closer to a permanent death

Eternal suffering!

Sara you need to hasten your attacks

Continuing to be deadlocked will only guarantee both your deaths

I root for you both…this is the closest anyone has come

To facing me

Yes, Sara push forward, look for every opening you can

Don’t let the Clocktower win!

Your strategy is impressive, drawing her near to you

Waiting for the slightest opening to strike!

I’m amazed how quickly you fly head first into a direct attack

Cutting it to pieces with your scythe

Descimating it through sheer force of will

Know though the Clocktower is merely gauging your ability now

It withholds its true power in case you survive

The true sight of power to be beheld

Should you stand before me in battle!

There you are gaining an edge

Brilliantly using your rage and focusing it in such a way

You simply stood there as lighting was sent your way

Blocking it before it even got to you

A mere thought in your mind, and a force field of energy stops everything!

I’m impressed, it is clear you’ve learned much through your suffering

Ren is still hanging on edge, however he is far less focused

He hasn’t been able to control the rage within himself

All his pain, his hate…he can’t channel it the way you do…

No REN survives because he feels he has too

Either one of you would make a brilliant future King or Queen

That’s what this place is banking on

If you survive the challenges it creates

All the suffering…

It is only too late you realize, that is its game

YES! Way to draw the Clocktower in Sara!

Snow has now ravaged the fields

A blizzard no doubt summoned from your power

I see how you focus your pain

Hoping to blind your enemy

It is sheer beauty to see you fade in and out

Blending from place to place…

Dropping bursts of energy as distraction

The Clocktower is unsure of where you are now…

I can see you no longer…

In a flash, it ends…

Your scythe through the puppets mirage…

The blizzard suddenly stops

You stabbed it in the back

A truly brilliant stealth attack!

It falls to it’s knees shattering…

Suddenly The Kid’s power is lost…

He is an exhausted husk

Ren senses this and quickly puts his scythe

Through The Kids head…

It’s over for The Kid…the fields disappear

You’ve escaped that place

You both look shocked…

Is it really over?

Indeed the prelude to the real battle is…

Rest up however, for the short time you can

The floor beneath you now raising upwards

Taking you higher than ever before…

The next stop…the end…

My throne room

The final battle is at hand

I will be unable to hold back…

The Clocktower will unleash all it’s tricks

It’s hidden attacks

One way or another it will all end…

Soon the final battle will begin…

-The Clocktower: Future King?-

8 thoughts on “Entry 140: The Clocktower: Future King?

  1. These clocktower posts vaguely remind me of those “choose your own adventure” books. Not to say that your stories are childish like that but more that they involve and talk to the reader in such a different fashion that is somewhat disconcerting at first read, but upon re-examination, it’s an inclusion in the action which makes the overall story all that more compelling. Keep doing you ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I take no offense my friend. I’m glad you are reading and I happened to love Choose Your Own Adventure books (still do) growing up. So that’s a compliment lol.

      Mm…There are only 5 more entry’s left in The Clocktower story. So it will be wrapping up on Halloween. ^_^

      Then it’s on to Black Winter all over again. To the old way so to speak. Xp

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well it’s pretty awesome of you to be reading. Also for taking time to let me know what you think.

        So that makes you awesome. Ironically on the just keep writing front, I may be rearranging my schedule this week and posting Sunday (my usual day off for the blog) as I’ve just found out I’ve lost someone very close to me.

        So, if I don’t post today, I will be posting the last 5 Entry’s in this series, tomorrow through Halloween. Thank you so much for your continued support.

        Cheers! ^_^

        Liked by 1 person

      • Of course my dear, I appreciate how real you are and how original your stories read. I’m very sorry for your loss. Good thoughts your way. Take your time to remember that person but don’t lose too much of the very limited time you have left. Looking forward to your last 5 entries – whenever they may appear. Be well.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I read this one twice (which isn’t uncommon for your work…but still worth noting). Loved the action sequence here and blending of backstories and motivation. By showing the story through this POV we really got the feeling we were there and present. I absolutely loved the blizzard and some of the “special effects” you threw in—I had no trouble visualizing this action sequence.

    You have a real talent for pulling your POV out and in to show smaller action, and also overall scene. Brilliant writing, as always. I’m really looking forward to seeing where this goes as we move toward the climax.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Corey! Sorry I’ve been gone the past few days. I had some personal matters to attend to and I was sick on top of that. I needed to take time to just breathe.

      I only hope I can continue to bring the cinematic experience to the final 4 Entry’s of this series. I also wanted to say thank you for the patience.

      I hope you have a wonderfully amazing and Happy Halloween my friend!

      Cheers! 😀


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