Entry 139: The Clocktower: Reckoning

Laughter echoed from the halls

The castle began to break apart

I was left watching The Kid

Appearing from shadows suddenly

I stood in front of Sara

I drew my scythe

I knew anything could happen now

The laughter was completely maddening

It left shivers down my spine

It was high pitched, there were so many voices

Then all at once when only the field of dead flowers remained

Something happened to The Kid

Possessed by darkness suddenly he lost his mind

A wave of black energy radiated from him

His eyes began to glow red

The field beneath our feet shook violently

Sara, visualize the pain and suffering you endured and prepare to use that

We are going to have to fight our way out of this one…

It’s the only way!

She closed her eyes and suddenly she had her black cloak again

Scythe in hand, she opened her eyes and let out a wave of energy

I focused and did the same…

I couldn’t help but feel things were about to get violent

The woman from before laughed, looking like Sara no more

She was smiling as she seemed to imbue The Kid with power

Driving him to insanity!


Prepare to did fools! This is your reckoning!


I was caught off guard as The Kid shot forth like lightning

Almost impaling me had it not been for Sara’s intervention

Sara resonated with power I’d not felt from her before

Looking back, she smiled

Keep light on your feet…you deal with The Kid…

I’ll deal with the bitch controlling him!

I nodded and she shot forth spinning past The Kid

Further up the field she went

I was shocked by her speed

Still, as she and the woman ahead collided

An explosion erupted!

Meanwhile me & The Kid got to begin our fight properly!

We met scythe to his claw like finger nails

It was a balancing act trying to meet each attack

While dodging him as he got a few blows through

I spun my scythe around my body deflecting attacks from several sides at once!

He came at me from the left, I struck he disappeared

Suddenly he was on the right, swing and missed again

Only for him to reappear a few seconds later in the same spot

Mere hundredths of a second after I finished my parry of his attack

I felt his claws dig into my left eye!

He violently pulled back

I screamed in agony!

My left eye dangled from it’s socket before it was quickly cut out!

I’d lost my left eye and it didn’t take long before he impaled my right one!

He was too fast as he ripped that one out with a slice and a snap!

I fell to my knees, scythe in one hand, soon removed from my weapon

After feeling pieces of flesh from my face torn off

This all happened in a hundredth of a second

Next thing I know I felt him stab me in the chest

Attempting to rip me in two and finish the fight

I instinctively reacted, simultaneously to the pain

As well as The Kid’s attack

Unleashing a wave of energy outward that sent The Kid flying back

Faster than one could blink, he was back at the attack again

I’d barely had the chance to summon my scythe in time to stop

The latest flurry of attacks, I sensed the entity

It was easy to feel it’s energy

Still it was so fast!

If this kept up, I wouldn’t last

I felt him shoot towards me

I heard the sonic boom

I was sent flying backwards upon impact!

Focus, I had to, I summoned up my energy

Erupting, and sending shock waves out

Doing so in timing with his attacks

This way I could block him while I figured out what to do next

How was I supposed to stop this vicious onslaught of attacks?

Think Ren, you are still bleeding from your eyes…

This is going to suck, but I need to cauterize the wounds…

I think I know just what I have to do…

Attack after attack, I felt him unleashing his fury upon me!

Once, twice, I blocked nice but then…

It became twenty, forty, all in the span of seconds!

Soon his attacks were getting to be one to two hundred every second or two

I was barely hanging on

The next attack flurry would have to be when I did it…

So I planted my feet…stopping my momentum and fell to my knees

I looked to the heavens and used my energy to send an attack down upon myself


I felt the sky open above, a bolt of lightning coming down in time for him to reach me

We both took a direct hit!

I felt my eye sockets sear, my blood burn away

Then everything around me erupted!

-The Clocktower: Reckoning-


7 thoughts on “Entry 139: The Clocktower: Reckoning

    • How kind of you to say. 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. ^_^

      I hope I can close this thing out proper. I have no doubt I can do so in the 6 entry’s left in this story but…I’m hoping I can do it properly in terms of what I’m seeing in my mind.

      Should be interesting regardless. 🙂

      Thank you for reading. 😀

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