Entry 136: The Clocktower: Voice Of Sins Past

I knew everything said could’ve been a trap

Still, I felt I had no choice…

I had to take a gamble on that

I walked to the door, it opened on its own

Like it was gleeful in its own right

Stepping inside, the door did not slam but, it did shut

I heard laughter, everything was dark

Then I heard it

Sara’s screams

It was all too real for me

Torches suddenly lit, a path was revealed

It led straight to a single room

I stepped in, seeing no other choice

As I did I heard a voice

It was one I hadn’t expected

The Kid?!

A Devil In Black

Cunning indeed

Led me to the place

That would become my suffering

Do you know, the pain I’ve felt?

Do you understand, my suffering?!

I’m just a kid, but do you think this place cares?

The things I’ve been subjected to, well…

There are no words for that

I suppose I’ll just have to show youΒ 

A wave of emotion suddenly came over me

Memories flashed quite vividly

I saw this poor kid whipped

He’d been beaten

Other…very unsavory things

I was flooded with memories of what had happened to me

The things my uncle had done

This poor kid, compared to what he had been through

That was nothing

I’m sorry kid…

I wish we hadn’t wound up in this place

Still, what’s done is done

Can you help Sara and I escape?

You are a vile piece of shit!

You could care less what happened to me!

The only things you care about are Sara…and your freedom

THAT’S NOT TRUE! I want to help you out of here too!

Do you?

Too bad…it’s too late for that

I’m a part of this place

If you want to help, simply don’t resist

I couldn’t get my vengeance against the man who took my family

In fact, you prevented that personally

So…it is only fitting, I see you feel that vengeance!

They broke me, they raped me, they did other things to me

I was broken you know that?

The Clocktower helped piece me back together

I can tell you, Sara is going through much the same thing

She is being raped, she is being destroyed, she is being…

Psychologically SHATTERED!

They replay your happiest memories…sometimes making you watch them

While they do the most horrible things to you!

You could never understand…but you will soon

You will be sodomized!

You will be tortured!

Everything you’ve ever loved…it will be broken before you!

You will feel the sorrow of pain past and present!

I’m sure they’ll have you join in on Sara’s torture…

Once their done breaking you!

The Clocktower always wins…

It’s true…there is no escape…

The sooner you accept that…

The sooner you can get the torment over with…


I was shown the worst of things

I was made to do terrible things

The best part…I hated it when they made me kill someone

The time they made me cut myself slowly…again and again…

Eventually though…I began to crave such things!

I enjoyed inflicting pain upon others…and myself

You’ll understand that soon enough though…

It’s all your fault Ren…

So let’s get on with things!

I can’t wait to assist in your suffering!

I heard a chainsaw rev up

Ah shit!

I began to run

Every hall, every door, it all seemed to open to another hallway

There was no way to tell if it was the same one or not

I could hear the chainsaws teeth grinding into a wall not far behind me


I was stricken with pain, dropped to my knees

I could hear Sara screaming so vividly!

I lost a memory, I could feel that much as well

There was no way for me to tell which one

Was it important? I couldn’t know

I had to keep moving

Oh Ren, run all you want

I’ll keep you going in circles if that is what it takes

You’ll never escape this place!

This place doesn’t change though right?!

No, however, I can make you think it does

That chainsaw sure got you running…

Even if there was never really anything there

It brought you to the room, you are now stepping into

I had stepped inside, it was too late

The door shut behind me and I suddenly felt…woozy

The room was completely pitch black

It was like someone had put gas in it or something

I passed out…

The last things I heard were a child’s laughter

Then these words…

No worries Ren, you’ll be awake in plenty of time for what happens next…

-The Clocktower: Voice Of Sins Past-



11 thoughts on “Entry 136: The Clocktower: Voice Of Sins Past

    • Well thank you kindly lol! I also love the humor there. It really strikes my funny bone. πŸ˜‰

      I’m glad everyone seems to find it scary, even though, I don’t lol. I haven’t really gone back and read any of the series yet. I’m about to start the next Entry…which I’ve been delaying a bit. If I don’t have it up before I head to work, it will be a draft and I’ll work on it when I get home.

      Short day at work today so yeah. Thank you again for your continued support! ^_^

      Cheers! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! ^_^ Yeah, believe it or not, it is extremely crazy to write as well. Xp It drains me & it gets super emotional for me, depending on what I’m writing. Namely for the Clocktower series.

      So thank you! Your words keep me pushing. I’m extremely thankful to yourself and everyone who reads. It’s helped immensely in regards to this series. I’ve never had a harder time writing something in my life. I don’t mean like writer’s block, I mean the toll it has taken on me in other ways.

      I’ll make it though. ^_^ Thank you again. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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