Entry 135: The Clocktower: The Memory Game

I tried to sleep…

I got no resty

When I awoke

She was staring at me

I dreamt a dream

A distant memory?

I’m not entirely sure what it means

There was Sara again

Speaking to me in secret

Telling me things in her life

Perhaps it was in death depending on your reasoning

She just wanted a friend to talk to

Someone who would listen

She needed a friend

That was that then

I listened…my unrequited thoughts

Dying inside, like my shattered heart

In that memory I was given the proverbial

Friend zoning

I had no real idea if that was actually the case

I didn’t know why I cared since we were Reapers

At least that seemed to be the case

We were based in a town known as Black Winter

These dreams…were they memories of my actual past?

I was starting to suspect so

Like leaves on the wind this scene faded

Soon forming another memory

We were talking though I could hear nothing said

Sara was crying

I gave her a hug

I was greatly conflicted

I’m not sure I should say what I thought

I couldn’t hear if I did but…

She looked up at me, tears in her eyes

It appeared she apologized


Wake up handsome

The facade…I was more than sure of it now

I didn’t know how…but, I knew this to be true

She smiled at me with that deviously perfect smile

Are you feeling okay?

You’ve been out for a while now

I wanted her warm embrace

I wanted to tell her I was okay

However…I knew, she was an illusion

She leaned in to kiss me, I dodged out of the way

That kiss…it always made me forget

I rushed outside only to find

The sky was black, lightning flashed

That beautiful field of sunflowers…

It had all wilted and the flowers were black


I turned around and it began to rain

The most twisted smile had now formed

On what was once, a perfect face

You want me…don’t you Ren?

The truth was I did…at least…I wanted that perfect reality

I didn’t think this was that though

I’m sorry, your princess is in another castle!



I’m sorry, Sara isn’t able to come to the phone right now…

Don’t bother leaving a message…we are breaking her as we speak!


The field shook, and lightning began to violently strike

The figure before me smiled

Behind this wicked face a castle rose up

All black, made of skull and bones

A darkness resonated from it that I’ve never felt


I guess we’re through trying to fool you

We couldn’t break you psychologically…

Rest assured though, that means we will try other methods!

You want Sara?

Good luck!

I’m betting you die trying!


Something to that effect

I think it’s time I give you some truly fun news

Remember that suicide Sara committed…

It was murder! 

Oh sure she was on the edge…

She kept holding on

We tired of this

Taking control of her…

We happily finished the bitch!

I felt a rage instantly take me over

I needed to control it but I was seeing red!

You are awfully quiet Ren

What, nothing to say?

Okay, well know

We have been having all kinds of fun with Sara

Sexually, psychologically, all kinds of things

Soon, she will be with us truly

I think then it will be fitting to have her suffer some more

Maybe we’ll even make you punish her?

Fun fact Ren…

This time you’ve spent in this place

Most notably this fantasy

It’s been slowing eating away at you

You may have noticed multiple memories, yes?

My scythe materialized and I came for this monster in Sara’s image!

She disappeared and reappeared closer to the doors of the castle

I don’t think so Ren…

You want revenge, you want the real Sara…

Then you’d better listen

Your having seen through our facade was unfortunate…

However this will be even more fun!

You have to go inside this castle to find Sara

She’s in the deepest depths of the nightmare before you

Here’s the fun part

Once you enter, and you will…

Every hour that goes by, you won’t get a reset

Nope, this room and place is safe from that…

Instead, you’ll lose a memory

That’s right,

Every hour, a memory gone

Eventually you’ll be a clean slate

We’ll make you whatever we want to!

It’s perfect really!

I’m betting I’ll reach Sara and escape this hell hole…

Long before I lose myself!

Oh yeah…about that…

Step foot through that door and you’ll find

A special rule applies as well

Every hour you don’t get to Sara and escape…

Well…I’ll let you discover that soon enough…

Just know Sara will pay as well…

So, soul, you up for it?

The moment you step through those doors…


-The Clocktower: The Memory Game-


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